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Name:    Tulani\\ Caste:   Eclipse\\ Nature:  Caregiver\\ Anima:   Whirlwind of doves\\ Concept: Noble Negotiator\\ XP: Left/Total: 0/0


Strength: 2, Dexterity: 3, Stamina: 2
Charisma: 4, Manipulation: 4, Appearance: 3
Perception: 3, Intelligence: 2, Wits: 4


Caste- Bureaucracy: 2, Linguistics: 4 (Native: Riverspeak; Old Realm, Forest Tongue, Low Realm, High Realm), Ride: 1, Socialize: 3
Favored- Dodge: 3, Medicine: 3, Performance (Ballads): 4, Presence: 3, Thrown: 2
Other- Lore: 2, Martial Arts: 1, Melee: 1


Connections (The Guild): 2, Familiar (Horse, "Jilar"): 3, Resources: 2


Compassion: 3, Conviction: 2, Temperance: 2, Valor 2.
Virtue Flaw: Compassionate Martyrdom

Willpower: x\\ Essence: 3\\ Essence pool: 14 Personal / 35 Peripheral

Health Levels -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap


Sagacious Reading of Intent (p207) / 6m
Body-Mending Meditation (p188) / 10m
Flawless Diagnosis Technique (p188) / 1m
Grievous Injury Recovery Method (p190) / 10m
Respect Commanding Attitude (p172) / 5m
Masterful Performance Exercise (p174) / 2m
Harmonious Presence Meditation (p175) / 6m
Listener-Swaying Argument (p175) / 2m 1w
Mastery of Small Manners (p211) / 3m
Wise-Eyed Courtier Method (p211) / 3m
Precision of the Striking Raptor (p168) / 1m per die


A brace of throwing knives, Long Knife, Walking staff, A few nice sets of clothes, Letters of Introduction and recomendation, Traveling gear, pouches of money and trade goods.


Base init: 7
Soak: 6B/4L/3A (Buff Jacket, 3L/4B, Mobility Penalty -1, Fatigue 2)
Dodge: 6 / 5
(M)Throwing Knife (Spd 9, Acc 4, Dmg 3L, Def 2)
(T)Throwing Knife (Acc 5, Dmg 4L, Rate 3, Range 15)
Punch (Spd 7, Acc 4, Dmg 2B, Def 4)
Kick (Spd 4, Acc 3, Dmg 4B, Def 3)
Staff (Spd 7, Acc 4, Dmg 4L, Def 3)
Knife (Spd 10, Acc 4, Dmg 3L, Def 2)

Character Description

Small young woman with uruly brown hair that's curly when she can tame it with a comb. She has the tan of someone who has spent most of her life outside though she lacks the callouses of one who would have spent that time at labor. Her eyes are a milky grass green and her build is slim but athletic.

Expanded Backgrounds

Familliar: Her horse is named Jilar, he has been her horse since they both were small. Neither of them is really aware why something happened him as well as her.

Connections (The Guild): After her Exaltation both her father and the king were made aware that someone had left the city for Greyfalls, apparently to inform the Wyld Hunt of what they saw. They (the king and Tee's father) were greatful for what she did but it was time for her to leave. They both gave her letters of introduction and recomendation to people they knew in the Guild to help her make her way in the world.

Resources: See Connections. They gave her some money too.


Tulani is from the Hundred Kingdoms region of the River Province. Her family was part of the petty nobility attached to the throne of a place called Coraka, her father was a merchant who helped to finance the 'king's' ascension.

Tulani spent most of her time as a child at the lessons her father thought would help make her into a proper lady: Manners, Music, Languages, Riding and Needlework (She never was any good at that and still cannot make an even stitch to save her life).

Tee (as her friends and tutors called her) only enjoyed the music lessons and the classes about languages, she was facinated at all the ways you could say something and have it mean something different.

One day a strange rider came into the King's City, the oddness of his garb and his mount's mane (It seemed to be made of vines and moss) marked him as one of the Fair Folk. As Chance or Divine Destiny, take your pick, would have it Tulani and her Language Tutor were in the King's courtyard when the rider reached the castle and while the tutor could do nothing but stare the young girl, with the wisdom and confidence of all her 17 summers, greeted the Rider and asked him what he wanted with the castle. Unbeknownst to her, or anyone else (for even the king had forgtten), the Rider would now only Negotiate the with Tulani.

He was a powerful creature and the King and his Captians feared to fight him or even offend him if they could help it. Tulani was not afraid though and she asked for refreshments and things to be brought and a table set up in the garden. She didn't know alot about the Fair Folk (and still doesn't) she was just trying to be polite as possible. They talked for hours and the Rider wouldn't let anyone else come near.

Late into the evening the castle guards heard a haunting tenor rise from the part of the gardens the two negotiators were in and the wordless tune it sung was haunting and strange, at the same time both sad and terrifying. One of the soldiers became afraid for the maiden and moved as if to step in that direction as a bright and clear soprano voice rose to meet the first. The two voices wound around eachother and rose to be heard throughout the castle as the late evening garden was filled by a pale golden and bright white glow. When the song stopped and the lights hung in the air Tulani asked the Rider for a promise that neither he nor any he commanded would bother this castle or its lands for now and always. Without even a thought the creature promised and a Brilliant display of runes and mystic Signs appeared in the sky over the garden. When Tulani and the Rider walked back into the courtyard the glow surrounded and followed her. The Guards gasped at the golden sign of the Crowned Sun on her brow.

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