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House Rules

We are a mostly by the book type of group, but once in a while a situation warrants a little bit of customization to the game. Here are a few things that aren't covered in other sections.

Boot Camping it Dynast Style

Boot Camping, or starting out as heroic mortals before your exaltation, is a great way to play Exalted. One day, I had the notion to play a boot camp dragonblooded game. After first overcoming such thematic obstacles as age of exaltation, time of setting, etc, I realized there are no rules for creating a mortal dragonblooded before his exaltation! It's hard to adapt the rules to such a being, because you have to account for more than being mortal, but also being only about 14 years old! Here is what I came up with for young, dynast mortals:

For creating a heroic dragonblooded childeren, use the stats on pg. 287 of Dragonblooded. The custom content here comes from exalting.
To transform the young mortal into a young dragonblood, distribute more dots to abilities, bringing them up to normal DB levels (add 3/2/0 to categories). Also add 15 points to abilities, marking down aspect (see choosing aspect below) abilities, and mark down three favored (two if you had one to start with optional rule) abilities. As Dragonblooded have no first age experience, they must learn their charms, and do not inheritly know them all. Dragonbloods only recieve 4 charms of their aspect to begin with, others must be learned. Increase essence to 2, and adjust health levels accordingly.
Choosing Aspect (Optional)
This is an optional rule, but it is highly recommended you use it. Unlike Solars, who have shards that reincarnate, and thusly those shards are always of the same caste, dragonblooded have aspects on a random basis, that can be influenced by their breeding. For default, roll a d10. On 1-4, the mortal exalts into the aspect of his house. If the house has no aspect, or the character has no house, or they roll 5-10 on a d10 default to the table below. By purchasing breeding, you can increase the chances of exalting into your house aspect. For each dot into breeding, increase the target number for in-house exaltion by one. For example, if V'neef Aspen has breeding ••••, her target number to exalt as a wood aspect is 1-8 on a d10.

Out of House Exaltation:\\ Ignore rolls that indicate exaltation of the character's house aspect, just roll again.\\ 1-2: Wood\\ 3-4: Fire\\ 5-6: Water\\ 7-8: Earth\\ 9-10: Air\\