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Due to the excess of campaigns being ended and started so readily and often in our group, I have decided to make a page dedicated to the hall-of-famers that I have created. I will probably also keep updating fiction beyond what we played for the more memorable of them. This is in an effort to clear up my page of the excess clutter, but keep around the stuff I like. Take a gander.

Aspen - A young V'neef Aspen is the love child borne between V'neef Aliset and a mysterious Tepet soldier

Angelo - The Zenith with the heart of a lion, but the body of a 14 year old boy

Mako - The Dread Pirate Mako, known and feared through out the inner sea.

Caleb - Caleb Xarcabard, once a retired Lookshy Ranger put out to pasture, now a passionate leader of armies.