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Form Aquisition Knacks: Human

Heart-borne Strength
Prerequisits: Prey's Skin Disguise, Wits 3, Essence 2

It serves a Lunar well to hunt many shapes to enhance their own personal puissance. While some such as the No Moons or Changing Moons may learn to take others forms to further their deceptions and investigations the Full Moons do it for another reason. Not for superior forms, there is no body that is superior in might than their own native forms, no they do it to expand their fighting strength. A Lunar with this knack who has hunted and taken the form of someone can use lingering elements of their mind and soul to expand their own fighting abilities. In effect the Lunar can get their dot rating in Archery, Martial Arts, Melee or Thrown but only up to a limit of their own highest rated combat ability. They also fight distinctively in that style. Dots in excess are wasted which meant in the first age the improvement of a Lunar in Essence past 5 in many cases lead to a spree of new hunts.

For example a Lunar with a Martial Arts of 4 who hunted and the famed Raksha Lilting Whisper, who possessed a Melee of 7 can only count themselves as having Melee 4 for combat purposes. Should she later raise her Martial Arts to 5 she still only benefits from having Melee 4 for fighting. Futhermore she fights in that warriors distinctive way which will change how she can stunt and depending on who sees her she may be taken for that very Raksha and believed to be him in disguise.

Shapeshifting Refinement Knacks

Assuming the Mortal Coil
Prerequisites: Subtle Silver Declaration, Essence 4, Appearance 5

A Steward with this charm no longer declares their identity to Creation. There are many reasons to do this for a Lunar but the simplest one is sometimes a preference to operate in their true form without letting people know who they are. Lilith is known to possess this knack. The effects of this knack are simple. When the Lunar is in a true form, other then the hybrid war form of course, those who observe them do not treat their MDV as being double as they normally would.

Aspects of Age
Prerequisites: Changing Plumage Mastery, Essence 3, Appearance 3

Normally a Lunar is limited with the alterations they can make to their forms but these are superficial. With this the Lunar lets apparent age be modified. From a young teen to a doddering old senile fool a range of ages is granted to them. Though it will not make them unrecognizeable it can help with a disguise or just for the sake of vanity of the Steward who wishes to controle such things.

Superior Body Mastery
Prerequisites: Essence 2, Wits 3

Lunars with this knack can master their bodies in other ways beyond making them faster and more flexible. They can bring into them their strength and toughness of their own human forms when such things will improve matters. The Lunar can always now replace their human form Stamina for any other forms and when assuming a form that is of at least human size they can use their strength as well in place of the forms strength.

War Form Knacks

Mammoth Warbody Transformation
Prerequisites: Deadly Beastman Transformation, Towering Beast Form, Essence 3, Stamina 4, Strength 4

Inspired by might of Warstiders but being a purist who would not use such composite devices the Lunar Kamandol developed a charm to build his strength and toughness to such levels without needing such equipment. The characters warform swells to about 18 feet in height. Gets an Armor soak of 20L&B and increases their strength to 12. This form can use Gift charms just the Lunar can in their Deadly Beastman Transformation except for the Armor-Forming Technique charm which only provides a benifit if the Lunar can use it to buy more then 20 soak in which case the soak from that charm replaces what this knack gives. The bonus Strength does not count as dice granted by charms however the Lunar for purposes of dice adders uses their normal DBT strength as the limit for dice caps. As a final difficulty this form is hard to maintain and requires the Lunar committ 15 motes to the tranformation.

Quicksilver Managerie Transformation
Prerequisites: Deadly Beastman Transformation, Quicksilver Second Face, Essence 3, Wits 3

Some Lunars are not content with but a single form in battle and with this knack they do not have to be. Instead their battles take them through a host of forms always changing and ready to fight. One moment she will be a human the next a cougar the next an eagle and so on. Understandably this makes adapting to fighting such a creature a true challange especially since she retains all the power of her gift charms as she flows from form to form like an incarnation of Luna.

When the Lunar spends the 5 motes to activate Deadly Beastman Transformation she may activate this knack at the same time for no cost and it may not be activated on its own. If acticated at the start or end of every action(she can choose which it will be each time her turn comes around) she can turn into a form from her library. She retains the attributes she would have in her Deadly Beastman Transformation regardless of the shape she takes and keeps her gifts she put up when she used Deadly Beastman Transformation as she moves from one form to another. She does however get to redistribute all of her mutation points each time she changes and if trying to escape a clinch double any successes rolled to achieve that. This knack is especially dangerous for Second Age Lunars without tattoos as each change can trigger more wyld taint. Since this charm is a refinement of her Warform she can still change shapes, so long as she is constantly changing shapes, even when she would normally be formlocked.

Infinite Wonders Enhancement
Prerequisites: Quicksilver Managerie Transformation, Essence 3, Stamina 4

Further refinement of their shapeshifting mastery allows the Lunar to adapt even more aspects of their body every time they change shape. Now whenever she changes shape she can redistribute the motes she had committed to her gift charms towards other gift charms. Furthermore the bonus attibute dots she gained are redistrubuted to other attributes each change if that form is known for those traits. So when she turns into a mammoth she could put her points into Stamina while when she suddenly becomes an eagle she puts her points into perception and dexterity and so on. Finally if the Lunar knows Constant Quicksilver Rearrangement as well as this charm she may instead use the attributes of the form she takes and add her Deadly Beastman Tranformation bonus attributes on top of those if she has that charm activated. For puposes of charm maximums for bonus dice and effects like Claws of the Silver Moon use her normal human attributes however. Since this charm is a refinement of her Warform she can still change shapes, so long as she is constantly changing shapes, even when she would normally be formlocked.


That does look like an interesting knack. Hmmm... I've HAD a lunar NPC bypass this by having the heart's blood of someone who looks identical to her human form. ^_^; ~ Haku