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Lunar Defensive Charms by David.

Ground-Denying Defense
This Charm is now explicitly Comboable, in spite of its duration.

Feral Grace Evasion

Cost: 6 motes, 1 Willpower
Duration: Until Abandoned
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Dexterity: 5
Minimum Essence: 3
Prerequisite Charms: Panther-Devil Fury -or- Dust Devil Advance

Darting and spinning in a savage battle-dance, the Lunar is difficult to strike. This Charm's appearance in use varies between different Exalts - sometimes it is like the wild, leaping dance of a cavorting ape, in other cases it is more akin to the bounding grace of a great predatory cat. As long as the Lunar keeps moving and keeps Essence committed to this Charm, she becomes extremely difficult to hit. At the beginning of each turn that this Charm is in effect, the Lunar reflexively rolls Dexterity + Athletics and adds the successes to the difficulty of attacks against him. Wound penalties and mobility penalties from armor do affect this roll, but Charms cannot. This difficulty penalty ends the instant the Lunar stops moving. In the turn this Charm is activated, the Lunar must move his full sprinting distance, but may perform no other action. During other turns, the Lunar may act normally.


FGE is actually more powerful than Flow Like Blood; yes, you lose one turn and you have to keep moving, but the increased difficulty is roughly twice as effective as a dodge roll with the same pool, and of course you can pile a dodge and a parry on top of it! Not to mention the fact that you can pile a whole bunch of enhancements onto this one roll and have their effects rolled into the Charm's benefits for the rest of the scene. I think this would be too powerful as given even if it were a Solar Charm. - Quendalon

I would agree if Lunars had persistent dodges or parries. However, they don't, in canon, and I won't give them such. This Charm is, incidentally, based on a Terrestrial Charm from canon. I should, however, probably add a note that Charms can't modify the Dex + Ath roll. - David.