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Body Enhancement Charms

Deadly Beastman Transformation (Cha)
Reflexive (Step 1 or 2); 2/2; Combo-OK; 5m to transform into Deadly Beastman Form. See below. [Prereq.: none.]
Fish Tail Technique (Sta)
Reflexive (Step 1 or 2); 3/3; Combo-OK, Obvious; You may breathe underwater and move unimpeded with twice normal movement rate for 6m. Lasts until the motes are released. [Prereq.: Any Sta Ex.]
Rat-Head Technique (Dex)
Simple; 2/2; No Keys; By spending 3m, you gain the ability to fit your body through any space large enough to put two fingers through. Cannot be used under the effects of any magic that strengthens or reinforces your body’s structure. [Prereq.: Any Dex Ex.]
Panther Stride Stance (Dex or Str)
Simple; 3/2; Combo-Basic, Obvious; For 4m, you may double your movement rate and triple your jumping distance for a scene. [Prereq.: Any two Dex Ex. or any two Str Ex.]
Flying Tiger Technique (Str)
Simple; 4/3; Combo-Basic, Obvious; For 3m, gain gliding wings – horizontal jumping distance becomes (Str + Athletics) x20 yds, +2 yds for every yard of altitude lost. May fall any distance without harm. Not cumulative with other effects that increase jumping distance. [Prereq.: Panther Stride Stance.]
Soaring Pinions (Sta)
Simple; 4/3; Obvious; For 4m, Lunar grows functional wings – as long as she has room in which to maneuver, she can fly at 35 mph outside combat, and replaces her Dexterity with her (Stamina + Athletics) to calculate Move and Dash distances when flying in combat. Not cumulative with Flying Tiger Technique. [Prereq.: Flying Tiger Technique.]
Cat Paw Climbing Style (Dex)
Simple; 3/2; Obvious; Spend 3m to climb any surface at full movement rate without a roll for a scene. Also, deal lethal unarmed damage for same period. [Prereq.: Panther Stride Stance.]
Sinuous Striking Grace (Dex)
Supplemental; 3/2; Combo-OK; Reduce speed of any combat action by 2m/tick, to a minimum of 3. [Prereq.: Any Dex Ex.]
Ox-Body Technique (Sta)
Permanent; 1/1; No Keys; Gain either two –1 or four –2 HLs. May be purchased a number of times equal to Stamina. [Prereq.: none.]