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Deadly Beastman Transformation

When the character first buys the Deadly Beastman Transformation, she gains the ability to transform into the Deadly Beastman Form. She remains in this form indefinitely, until she activates the Charm again to return to human form or transforms into a different Heart’s Blood shape. While in the Deadly Beastman Form, she treats all increases to her Attributes from Deadly Beastman Transformation as natural for the purposes of Charms. She also gains complete access to all Gifts, which are special abilities or traits only available while in beastman form. In beastman form, she also chooses one unarmed attack (punch, kick, clinch) to deal lethal damage instead of bashing damage; she may instead gain a bite attack (Speed 4, Acc +1, Dam +1L, Def –3, Rate 1) or a gore attack (Speed 5, Acc –1, Dam +2L, Def +0, Rate 1).

Her first purchase grants her +1 to all Physical Attributes while in Deadly Beastman Form and 2 Gifts. Later purchases grant +2 dots divided among her Physical Attributes (both points cannot go into Dexterity) and 1 Gift. The following list shows most of the possible Gifts, though others may be available at Storyteller discretion. If a Charm name is listed as a Gift, it can be selected as a Gift only if the character already possesses the Charm. At that point, however, she gains access to the Charm for as long as she remains in Deadly Beastman Form at no additional cost. Unless otherwise noted, Gifts may only be selected once, and all prerequisites must be met.

Every purchase of Deadly Beastman Transformation reduces the power of the Tell’s social attack to conceal itself by 2 successes. Deadly Beastman Transformation may not be purchased more times than the Lunar’s Essence.


Animalistic Cunning
The Lunar gains +2 dots divided among her Mental Attributes while in Deadly Beastman Form. This Gift may be selected multiple times, but no more than once per purchase of Deadly Beastman Transformation.
Bestial Reflexes
The Lunar adds +1 success to all Join Battle or Join War rolls made while in beastman form. This Gift may be taken twice.
Blinding Speed
The Lunar adds (2x Essence) to her Strength and Dexterity for calculating movement and jumping distance while in beastman form.
Deadly Breath
For 1wp, Lunar may breathe an Archery- or Athletics-based attack with Speed 6, Acc +3, Dam (Essence x4)L, Range 30 (maximum) and Rate 1. [Prereq.: Poison Bite.]
Fearful Lunar Form
As the Charm.
Fish Tail Technique
As the Charm.
Flying Tiger Technique
As the Charm.
Gift of Hands
The Lunar has two extra arms. Every extra arm reduces multiple action penalties by 1 for actions taken with multiple arms. This Gift may be taken as often as desired.
Glue-Foot Climbing
The Lunar may move across any surface at any angle (including upside down) without fear of falling. She may carry up to (Strength x100) pounds in this fashion. [Prereq.: Bestial Reflexes or Blinding Speed.]
Heightened (Sense) Method
As the Charm. Note - each version of the Charm is considered a different Gift.
Impenetrable Beast Armor
The Lunar gains +6L/+6B soak and Hardness 6. This replaces the soak and Hardness of Rugged Hide. [Prereq.: Rugged Hide.]
Poison Bite
The bite of the Lunar also includes a Poison, with Toxicity (Lunar’s Stamina) and Damage 3 lethal. [Prereq.: Scimitar Claw Technique or natural bite attack.]
Pulse of the Invisible
As the Charm.
Resilience of Nature
The Lunar heals 2B every action, and 1L every hour.
Rugged Hide
The Lunar gains +2L/+2B soak and Hardness 2. She soaks lethal damage with her full Stamina.
Scimitar Claw Technique
As the Charm.
Seeing Without Looking
As the Charm.
Soaring Pinions
As the Charm.
Spirit-Scenting Technique
As the Charm.
Terrifying Bestial Visage
The Lunar gains +2 dots divided among her Social Attributes while in Deadly Beastman Form. This Gift may be selected multiple times, but no more than once per purchase of Deadly Beastman Transformation.
Wound-Knitting Power
The Lunar now heals 4B every action, and 1L every other action. This is not cumulative with Resilience of Nature. [Prereq.: Resilience of Nature.]