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The Legion of Mourning

Paradise Cloud, Immaculate Scribe and Sanctified Historian of the Age of Anathema, writes:

Of all the Anathema's Dragonblooded legions that cast down their foul masters during the glorious Usurpation, only one legion's record was sullied by misplaced loyalty: that of the Legion of Mourning. And for their foolish pride, all but one of their number died.

I have had the pleasure of speaking personally to Grey Windfall in his cell in the deepest vaults of the Basilica of Nine Silences, where he lies still, suffering daily the combined effect of a strange resonating artifact-bell and the Ninefold Mortal Sufferances decreed upon him by Carinas the Uprisen. There he lies, suspended between life and death, so that his life is forever prolonged in torment. In this state, his essence may never be reincarnated to sully the divine Terrestrial Host, and he stands as a testament to what punishments should be visited upon betrayers.

Despite his sanity mostly having fled, I managed, eventually, to discover something of the history of the Legion of Mourning. It seems that they were always the most loyal of the legions, and as such, were entrusted with guarding the Manse-Colosseum of the Sanctorium Solisium. However, they were stripped of the honour after being tricked by Flawless Mirror into allowing him and his "specialist" dancers to perform his outlawed Many-Veiled Caprice in the sacred colosseum. (Little is now known of this performance, as Pale Winter's Iconographia has had the relevant pages removed from every available copy in the Imperial Pornographic Library. One can only assume the removal was provoked by its obscene nature).

Following the outcry that followed Flawless Mirror's performance, the legion took their new sobriquet to demonstrate to Creation how they mourned for the loss of their honour. But was not a greater loss of honour yet to come? In refusing to see the light and act with their brothers, they condemned not only themselves but also a host of their peers to death during the Storming of Quiet Acacia. And for that, they can never be forgiven.

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