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The most prominent of the Priestly Sects of the Unconquered Sun, the Jar'Dulak originated in Rathess, as did 5 out of 6 of such sects. These warrior-prophets were the strongest of the supporters of the Solar Deliberative and their programs to encourage activity and cultural stability among the Dragon Kings. As their culture declined in the late stages of the First Age, the Jar'Dulak sought a way to save their people from the dark fate that the High Priest Ivarian saw descending upon them. Their sights settled on the Effort, an ancient relic of the Primordials stored in the Northern Capital of Keldredes.

Records are scarce, but the general consensus is that, upon arrival in Keldredes, the Jar'Dulak found that the Northern Dragon Kings had erected a monument around the Effort to protect it and to prevent tampering with it. When they attempted to get past the wards, the Northern Dragon Kings attacked them. Led by the Lords of Ice, another priestly faction, the Northern Dragon Kings decimated the Jar'Dulak. Evidence points to the Northern Dragon Kings having turned to Yozi-worship after their near-extinction in the wars and the ill treatment given them by their peers and the Solar Deliberative. Supporters of this theory claim that the Lords of Ice may have turned away from Ysanne, the Lady of Ice, and begun worshipping She Who Dwells In Her Name.

The conflict between the surviving Northern Dragon Kings and the Jar'Dulak destroyed all but a few remnants of the order, but not before the Jar'Dulak decimated Keldredes and opened the Effort, nearly destroying their race. Riots upon their return to Rathess finally ended the longest and most popular order of the Unconquered Sun, opening the way for Han Tha to dominate the Dragon Kings for centuries to come. These mistakes and cataclysms eventually lead to their degeneration from Civilized Dragon Kings to the Feral Dragon Kings, the Stalkers of Rathess.

- Telgar, Sidereal Historian. Chosen of Saturn.

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-- Telgar