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Answer Stone, The

The Answer Stone is found now only in the crumbling First Age texts within the Imperial Manse. Flawless Mirror, the Twilight caste Oracle, references the stone as a powerful scrying artifact; not only an invaluable focus in clairvoyant sorceries, but possessing great power by itself. Pose a question to the stone, and it will speak out a clear, understandable answer. Ask where something is, and the stone will give directions. The stone is brutally honest, and many men have had their hopes crushed by the revelations the stone has espoused. Long lost, the stone is rumored to be hidden deep in the Ukta Marish mountain range of the South. Many men have spent their entire existence searching for it and the answers it gives. It is theorized that they would be more successful if the last inquisitor had not asked the stone how best to hide itself.

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- Dim

Hey Dim.\\ Don't want to cramp your style, but a dictionary tells me that "espouse" means either to take in marriage or to give one's loyalty or support to (a cause, for example). Is this a typo?\\ Also, I'm kind of confused by your last sentence here. Did you mean something like, "... they would be more successful if they could find the answers the stone gave the last inquisitor when he asked the stone how best to hide itself"?\\ ~ Shataina

Thanks for catching that :) My use of 'espouse' is the meaning: "to subscribe to certain beliefs." -Dim