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Guide to Magical Creatures

The single most popular reference text of the First Age, the Guide to Magical Creatures was made available in over twenty media forms to almost anyone capable of reading it. Written by some of the most educated of the Exalted among the Copper Spiders, the Emerald Dragons, the No Moons and the Joybringers. These masters of life and sorcery were responsible not only for the creation of hundreds of new species and races but also the cataloguing of millions of natural species, hundreds of varieties of Wyld-Twisted strains, Beastmen Tribes, Fae Hordes and spiritual entities. Used as a storybook, a reference guide and a scholarly text all at once, the Guide was constantly updated, becoming almost more of a magazine than an encylopedia.

Two articles became the first 'columns' in a periodical: Heliopaths Rampant and the Commentation Upon Practices of the Greater Beasts. Originally written for scholarly purposes, they became highly popular pastimes. The progress of the Heliopath Epidemic (a disease which gave any survivor the ability to control fire) was of the utmost interest to everyone in the South and Commentation Upon Practices of the Greater Beasts quickly degenerated to a semi-regularly updated report on Behemoth Hunts, the first spectator sport.

- Telgar, Sidereal Historian, Chosen of Saturn

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