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Itinerants of the World Mother

Remismund, He Who Writes In His Name, writes:

The Itinerants of the World Mother were well-known for their applications of practical demonology to even the slipperiest of targets, such as the progeny of Yozis who had suffered fetich-death, known as Ysimils. It is not well-known how they accomplished this, but I will tell you. Ed.: How Remismund came about the following information is something that he refuses to divulge, and this is worrisome to me. Amirrutzes' Harmonic Binding methodology relied on enhancing the Yozi-identity in a lesser demon; what he was not aware of was that this enhanced the residual Yozi-identity of the pre-fetich-death progenitor in demons of this sort. This Yozi-identity was unbound, clearly, and so the Doctrine failed to function with them.

The alliance that the Itinerants formed with Cytherea allowed them to resonate the bindings she had laid upon her brethren, in accordance with her Lassitudinous Code. These served the same function as the bindings on once-born Yozis did, though they were rather less stringent. Of course, this meant that Ysimils harmonically bound by this method were likelier to escape - which contributed to the Itinerants' downfall in the altercation with Amalion at Red Cliff.

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