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5/7/06 So as a constant lurker I'm feeling I need to contribute something to the wiki community, so I'm offering my talents as an artist to any projects on the wiki. I'm reasonably skilled and am in need of something to draw to enhance my skills.

== You want a project? I suggest going kawaii with TheKawaiiEdition. - TonyC (also fixed typos)

Amen to that! We could use some good art. Especially since the Helping Goddesses book still has no cover... --JohnBiles
I just busted out my tablet and started throwing out some sketches, Im seeing the Helping Goddesses as a mix between Ah my Goddess and computer programers, for the cover I would recommend the same image collage format, below is a quick sketch, I normally working from pencil to inking to cg so the image isn't to good, but I'm to lazy right now to hook-up my scanner. - LazyMonkey
You have the mood right exactly. The Helping Goddesses are pretty strongly a cross between programmers and AMG, yep. Nice sketch; she kind of reminds me of Gina Diggers. --JohnBiles
I got to jump to class right now but I have been perusing the Helping Goddesses and am going to try to start work on the five signature goddesses, I'm just wondering if were keeping with the same color schemes as the sidereals castes. - LazyMonkey
Yes, I think so, to make things simple. --JohnBiles
So im throwing out some concept sketches of the five signature goddesses, pretty crappy I'll admit, but I want to get some opinion on designs and then I will focus on one of the goddesses and start working on a final piece, so suggestions on character design and which character to focus on are greatly appreciated - LazyMonkey

Headshots look good. I'm thinking Nancy should be wearing something ninjaesque, Skuld should probably be in something like an engineer, Belldandy in a fancy dress, Urd in something sexy, and Nenene something academic looking. Nancy carries fighting fans, Urd her giant grimcleaver, Skuld her hammer, and Nenene and Belldandy usually aren't visibly armed. And Nenene should have a clear look of 'I am so in over my head' :)
Another Headshot of Nemene (her last one kinda sucked) I seem to be in somewhat of a rutt right now with my art (haven't drawn in a while) so I'll just throw down more sketches of the signature goddesses down until I feel I can make a reasonable well-done final piece. - LazyMonkey

Heh! You have Nenene's expression down perfectly. --JohnBiles
A chibi-pic of Nenene (Whoops been calling her nemene this whole time) because it's Kawaii - LazyMonkey
Cool. Is she holding a magic wand? Or a screwdriver? --JohnBiles
It's actually a calligraphy pen, oh and howabout another pic of Skuld, going for a Washu feel (Clothing somewhat too modern, although some version of a labcoat feels right). - LazyMonkey

I like this one, but you're right, she needs something more archaic on under the labcoat.--JohnBiles
Alright, so I'm working on some Skuld sketches (oversized gloves are growing into the design) and I have to question the size of the hammer, one-handed/two-handed nomal/oversized. - LazyMonkey
Two-Handed, Over-sized. Made out of Starmetal. With lots of pretty gems, of course. --JohnBiles
Two Handed Over-sized and with tons of gems, how's it look? - LazyMonkey

Perfect hammer! --JohnBiles