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I'm Dean, more commonly known as Largo The Black Lion to all you Wikizens out there. I'm twenty and I have yet to exalt, but I'm in no rush. I'm kind of new to the table top RPG scene but I'm a quick learner. I've just finished playing in a campaign called Sunlight on the Water alongside IFoundSquirrels and I have just recently started my own campaign called Forge of Heroes (Wish me luck!).

-More to come as I think of it...

Yay Stuff I Dood

  • Artifacts: Cool gadgets and stuff that make people awesome.
  • Characters: PC's I have played/am playing and NPC's I have written up.
  • Charms: Cool stuff that people can do.


Welcome to the wiki - it's always good to see new faces (usernames? Aliases? Personae?) I see you are already naming your pages according to best practices, which will make everyone quietly love you. Thanks for joining. - TheHoverpope