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2nd Edition Err, I'm running something. Page to come as...I come up with stuff. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Probably later today.


2nd Edition

  • Gemstone Dolphin of the Bounteous Tsunami : Actually formatted in a sane manner! Daiklave+Knee! Fighting style inspired by Mitsurugi, personality inspired from pizza dreams. Not actually scheduled to play anywhere, just a note to self mainly.

First Edition

Zack's Campaign

  • Lance/Kanta : The 'Mentor' of KoizumiTaiko, who is played by Ketrus! A complete charlatan and fraud, who is an example of why the new next of Phantom Conjuring Performance says it's obviously an illusion. Is also poorly formatted. For SouthlandsRedux, a campaign by Zack Status: Retired for me hating what I did with him too much.
  • Flowing Hand of Ruby and Emerald : New character! Has a Sidereal mentor! Is not a complete hellhole of formatting. Still for SouthlandsRedux.
  • Unknown Mage : Don't ask what a Mage is doing on an Exalted Wiki. I like the format.

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