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Gods, Heroes, and Chicks With Eyepatches

This is my current game. It's a Second Edition, starting-level Solars game about air pirates in the Haslanti league.

Dramatis Personae

Major Players

Kurulham/AugustSunset, an airship-obsessed Twilight sorcerer cursed to be fourteen forever (PC) Kurulham/TheDrake, the aforementioned chick with eyepatch; a Night Caste pirate and information broker (PC) Kurulham/Aias, formerly a necrotic gunzosha trooper, now a very confused Dawn Caste goon (PC)

  • Elias Tremalion, Night Caste Haslanti spymaster, friend of the Drake

Kurulham/CastingSixShadows, Haslanti power broker

Supporting Cast

  • Dain, son of Vanileth, God of Artificial Flight
  • Ferem Lissin, Immaculate missionary (deceased)
  • Seventh Storm, student of Lissin
  • Gentham, Fae-Blooded master-at-arms to the Drake
  • Bosun, a monkey
  • Monkey, a boatswain
  • Obadiah Rope, master helmsman
  • Captain Rope, a length of rope (deceased)
  • Wistful Eyelash, negotiator on behalf of parties unknown
  • Silver Orchid, courtesan, in the employ of the Drake