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So this is where my tome of interesting character ideas will reside. I usually like to take the concepts given in the book and just twist them around as much as possible. But I do have my characters that are very typical, which were mostly to get a feel for the game and the subsequent Exalts when their books were published (my namesake being my first Exalt). I'm putting both PC's that I have or hope to play as well as NPC's since I STed a game for my ex where a lot of good ideas came out I find worthy of note.

  • PC
    • Bayle : My signature character, a bard but in this incarnation a Zenith seducer
    • Kale Utterdark : My namesake, Shuriken Assasin Night Caste
    • Alamar : An evolution of Kale, a blacksmith Night Caste that heads a large group of slave emancipators
    • Phalactory of Death's Desire : My Daybreak Necromancer who, when created, was best described as "Skeletor from the Live Action movie"
    • Unnamed Sidereal : still creating (sorry EJGRgunner)
  • NPC
    • Daranthor : Eagle Changing Moon who is the god of a small tribe outside of the Haltan/Linowin territory
    • Springstep : Deer No Moon, a young Lunar in love with Daranthor.
    • Ledaal Cristus : Air Immaculate, twin to Barum
    • Ledaal Barum : All Seeing Eye Agent of Air, twin to Cristus