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Princes of Heavens is a Dragon-Blooded-Campaign I recently cooked up. It is centered around a small Brotherhood of dynastic Terrestials, who get into conflict with Tepet Fokuf himself and are forced to become outcasts, as they resist the power of Fokuf's forces. However, they do not chose to leave the Realm and to turn against it; they do it because of their sense of duty. The characters have a terrible secret which makes them renegades, but which is also given to them due to a prophecy directly linked to the maidens. After their escape from the Realm, they build up an army in the Scavenger Lands and march against the forces of the Realm to fulfill their destiny. At least, this is how I planned it.

The campaign is inspired by the PSX-RPGs "Suikoden" and "Suikoden 2" (they're great, play them). The characters have some kind of zodiac sign or star constellation, which determines their fate. They are all part of one prophecy, which makes them change the face of creation and the Realm as a whole.

Background Story The background of the campaign.

Star Constellations The zodiac signs I intended to use in the campaign. Every sign is part of the prophecy.


The Main Heroes
These are the main Characters of the Story.

CathakShino - Player Character; Son of one of the most popular generals of the Dynasty; he carries an enormous responsibility and has a strong sense of duty, but he feels unfree.

TepetSakura - Player Character; Shino's wife. Their marriage was arranged by their parents. She is an affective and somewhat moody person that, nevertheless, is courageous and strong-willed.

CynisBelarAyako - Player Character; Sakura's best friend. She has the soul of an artist. Ayako is a courteous and elegant person, who cares for her appearance a lot, but openly counteracts her mother and her House.

MnemonHarumi - Player Character; Savant, teached at the Heptagram, who knows a lot, but is a quiet and shy person, who was never able to experience the true pleasures, life has to offer.

The Princes of the Five Heavens
The Princes of the Five Heavens are the "villains" of the story. They are five Legionlords (yes, they controll entire legions), who secretly have sworn an oath to the Empress (I'll explain that soon).

CathakKakeru - NPC; Shino's father. He is a straight, traditional and draconic person, who demands absolute discipline from his son.

Other Important Characters
Jadyle - NPC; a mysterious little girl, whose eyes seem to have witnessed the creation of the whole universe and who speaks prophetic truths, leading the characters to their fate.

~ Jiba ~



  • I have to ask. Not to sound despairing to your idea, cause the Suikoden angle truly rocks, but… Fokuf? As in the Tepet Fokuf? Like... Regent Fokuf? Isn't being threatened by Fokuf sorta the equivalent to having someone sick their Chihuahua on you? Mnemon I could see worrying someone enough to scare them out of the Realm, but Fokuf spends most of his time wanking to the Immaculate Text. Is he going to be a bit more able of a ruler in your game? - Greymane
    • Well, you're quite right; it is actually not Fokuf who is after the secret. He is a fat, lazy Regent and nothing more but he I easy to manipulate and you're right; Mnemon has a role in this to play (to the good or to the bad). Remember that it was Windy who convinced Babarossa in "Suikoden" to hunt the PCs. Fokuf is in fact nothing but puppet of the mightier beeings. I thought of an Ancient Sidereal, loyal to the Empress, who sees the Realm struggeling toward chaos and who wants to strengthen it.The PCs have wondered,too, why Fokuf could be so badly after the secret. They also thought that there must be something else. Jiba