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Resplendent Dreams of Seraphim ("Sera") was born in Great Forks to a wealthy merchant family. She was a relatively bright child, she could speak at an early age, and from the very beginning she displayed a facility with words, both spoken and written. She quickly learned the art of wrapping people around her pretty little fingers, even as a child she knew what buttons to push to get a desired effect; a blush here, a coquettish smile there, a few bats of a lovely eyelash and a well timed pout or two, and the world was hers. Her family decided these traits would be best put to use as a diplomat for family affairs. She received the best schooling they could afford, and as long as she performed well in school they tended to overlook her "habits". As Sera grew older, the promise of beauty that was hers as a child developed into lush curves and sensuality, she was aware of the power these traits held and used them to her benefit whenever it suited her. She enjoyed the finer pleasures of life, anything that felt good, tasted good, smelled good…these were the things that life was all about.

Sera was kept away from the seedier sides of family politics, she was largely unaware of the volatile merchant war going on between her family and several other antagonists. That is, until an assassins bolt took the life of one of her favorite people in all of creation, her cousin Maark. She mourned him for a year, until her father informed her that she would be traveling to Nexus. To marry. A fat, ugly merchant. She railed against this idea, but no amount of pleading and cajoling could sway her father this time, this marriage would go a long way towards cementing relations with the Guild, and that was the kind of protection he was looking for. Sera was bundled off with several sharp-eyed armed guards for Nexus, the guards were given orders not to let their charge escape, no matter how she pleaded. The trip was dull and uneventful, Sera spent a lot of time plotting revenge…until the ground opened up with massive crystalline creatures that reduced the 2 lead horses and riders to unsightly splotches in the road. Sera was snatched from her horse by a guard, and they bolted into the woods. The guard took a crystal shard in his back, but managed to get Sera to a grove of trees before dying. Shaken badly and bloodied, Sera knelt amid the massive trees and wept, she had no idea what to do next. Her tears caught the attention of the local flora, the largest tree in the grove spoke her name and told her of a past life she never thought possible. As the tree spoke to her, she became aware of a soft sparkling glow around her body, and the brighter the glow got, the more she remembered. The images came rapidly, the tree was telling her that she was Chosen by the Unconquered Sun, and that she had a very important job to do. The tree made her promise that in exchange for its protection, she would return the favor one day. Still reeling from the onslaught of memories, she nodded blindly to agree. The tree bade her to put her hand to the ground, there was a flash of golden light and she screamed and fell unconscious. When she awoke, she was nestled safely at the base of the tree, and there was a golden handprint in the ground. The tree gave her a safe route through his woods, as she parted, he reminded her "Always remember the promises you keep…". The image of the golden handprint flashed through her mind while she left the trees sacred grove. She made it to Nexus, and felt that maybe the gods were smiling on her, she still had some of the writs intended for her dowry on her, and she was relatively unscathed.

Determined to honor her family still, she went to meet the man who would be her husband. On the way she was accosted by a ragtag bunch of robbers, and things were looking really sketchy until a ragtag group of knights in shining armor came to her rescue. After it was obvious that there would be no more attacks, she introduced herself to Lupin V and Glean, and offered to buy drinks at the nearest clean establishment. She found that they knew something about the whole Anathema thing, and she was somewhat secure in their assurances that she was not turning into a demon. They accompanied her to meet her future husband, who somehow managed to turn into some kind of creature and tried to kill them all. Unfortunately for him he was unsuccessful, but Sera couldn't shake the feeling that this wouldn't be the last time she saw him, even as they were disposing of the bodies. Nothing bonds a group faster than bloodshed, and soon they were all good friends, they had even found a swordswoman of some note to join them. Now a free woman, Sera felt safe enough to try to blend into Nexus society, she used her dowry money to get an apartment and clothing, and quickly found a job at the "Wink and Tickle", an upscale brothel just outside of Bastion. She enjoyed her job, she was living a daily party, and getting paid well for it. On her way home one night, an arrow narrowly missed her heart. Expecting thieves, the group rallied and prepared to fight, when they noticed they were going against a lone assassin. Sera could see markings on his armor that she recognized, her own family guard…That being realized, she stood somewhat dumbly as Glean and Lupin managed to knock the assassin off of the roof, she came back to reality when he hit the ground. She sat on him, and demanded answers, when he told her everything he knew (yes her family was trying to kill her for welching on that whole marriage bit), she gave him her best charming smile, and asked if he could be convinced to protect her from the evils of her own family. He accepted, having failed at his assassination attempt, he couldn't very well go back home…he might as well go to hers. He gathered what dignity he had remaining after being toppled from a roof and sat on, and gave his name as Moonshadow Tiger. He found that working for Sera wasn't really so bad, he did a lot of looking tough, got to rough people up occasionally, hung out in a brothel for free…and he got to go home with what he thought was the hottest chick in the place every night. Life was good.

Since the group came together, they've styled themselves as relic hunters of the highest order. Sera still fends off assassination attempts, and she was quite disturbed by an attack from the ghostly countenance of her ex-fiancee. Some guys never learn. When not lounging around in Nexus, she acts as the group diplomat, using well-turned words and sparkling wit to negotiate the best deal for everyone involved.

Character Sheet

House Rule Alert!!! – When calculating essence, we get the standard amount of essence then double the total for personal and add ½ again to the total for Peripheral

Appearance : Little Lolita, looks much younger than she actually is. Extremely feminine, Oriental-type features, full lips, long lashes over red/violet tip tilted eyes. Flawless, creamy skin, long silken jet black hair. Loves fine clothing, shoes, and jewels, hates anything that feels coarse against her skin. Very spoiled and indulged, loves to mingle and socialize, would much rather talk than fight. Unbelievably vain...has a weakness for strong men and new mind-expanding experiences. Loves to be petted and praised, hates being ignored.

Name:Resplendent Dreams of Seraphim ("Sera")
Caste: Eclipse
Nature: Hedonist
Anima: Colorful Chinese Fireworks
Concept: Party Girl

Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3
Charisma 5, Manipulation 5, Appearance 4
Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 3</tt>

Martial Arts: 5; Thrown: 3
Performance: 4; Presence: 5; Endurance: 1; Resistance: 1
Craft: 1 (Calligraphy); Investigation: 2; Lore: 3; Medicine: 3; Occult: 2
Athletics: 2; Awareness: 1; Dodge: 3; Larceny: 3
Bureaucracy: 4; Linguistics: 4; Ride: 2; Sail: 3; Socialize: 5
Socialize – Seduction: 1; Martial Arts - Warfan: 1

Artifact: 2; Resources: 4; Manse: 3; Contacts: 2; Allies: 3; Influence: 2;

Compassion 3, Conviction 2, Temperance 3, Valor 2

Willpower: 5
Health: -0,-1,-1,-1,-2,-2,-2,-2,-4,Incap
Essence: 4
Essence pool: 34/79, 6 P committed

Mastery of Small Manners
Sagacious Reading of Intent
Deft Officials Way
Body Mending Meditation
Harmonious Presence Meditation
Masterful Performance Exercise
Precision of the Striking Raptor
Wise Eyed Courtier Method
Reed in the Wind
Whirling Brush Method
Reflexive Sidestep Technique
Motive Discerning Technique
Seasoned Criminal Method
Touch of Blissful Release
Desire of Mind Prana
Speed The Wheels
Ox Body Technique
Knowing the Souls Price

Martial Arts Charms:
Demure Carp Feint
Lethal Paper Fan Attack
Pearlescent Filigree Defense
Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Form
Flurry of August Leaves Concentration
Resplendant Sash Grapple Technique
Wealth of Braids Meditation
Silken Brush Deflection

Reluctant Maiden's Evasion - 6 Motes, 1 Will - Demure Carp Feint + Reflexive Sidestep

Oriachulum Tower Shield Bracers 2B/2L
Total Soak: 6(3)B/4(1)L/4 Agg

Throwing Knives
ACC:8 SPD:7 DMG:4L DEF:5 RNG:15yds Rate:4
Exceptional War Fan
ACC:13 SPD:8 DMG:3L DEF:12 RNG:NIssaru/Resplendant_Dreams_Of_Seraphim/A Rate:4
Weighted Sleeves
ACC:7 SPD:9 DMG:5L DEF:11 RNG:NIssaru/Resplendant_Dreams_Of_Seraphim/A Rate:2
Paired Exceptional Quality Warfans "Razors Kiss, Winds Caress"
ACC:13 SPD:8 DMG:5L DEF:13 RNG:10 yds(they return like boomerangs) Rate:4

Eidetic Recall(Sight and Smell)
Past Lives
Enchanting Feature (Seductive Eyes and Smile)

Addiction (Marijuana 1pt.)
Secrets (2pt)
Temperance Vice - Carnal(1pt)
Climate Sensitive(doesn't like the cold)(2pt)

See "Expanded Backgrounds" for more information

Expanded Backgrounds

Artifact: 2 - Sera has a pair of Orichalcum Tower Shield Bracers she found in a First Age tomb of Solars. They add +1 to the difficuty to hit her, and they give 2B/2L Soak. They are simplistic in design, she likes them because they are highly reflective, and she can check them much like a mirror in a pinch. Her warfans aren't really artifacts, just of exceptional quality. She found one fan in the same tomb with the bracers, it is an extraordinarily well-balanced weapon of ivory and steel, with a field of flowers on snow white silk. She had the paired fans created for her by a mortal thaumaturge/weaponsmith with the help of her favorite jeweler. The paired fans have orichalcum spines with diamond edges. The material of the fan is a combination of violet steel and silk, and is embroidered with golden thread in random patterns that remind one of the wind. Tiny gems adorn the fans to give a touch of added sparkle.

Resources: 4 - Relic hunting and various investments have been very good to Sera, she's a merchant by blood and very good at making money.

Manse: 3 - Sera and her circlemates have located the hidden manse Threefold Symphony, she carries the Hearthstone that provides 1L/1B/1Agg soak

Contacts: 2 - Sera has some minor contacts of note amongst her fellow residents of Bastion, she also has contacts with the Children of the Sacred and Holy Light.

Allies: 3 - Moonshadow Tiger Allies Rating: 2 - Her beloved protector, trained by the Children of the Sacred and Holy Light to wield Essence. Note: In our game, Moonshadow has the nickname "The Great and Mighty Moonshadow" due to his knack for usually rolling more successes than the Exalts do. Gotta love the way the dice fall sometimes...
Kukuri Allies Rating :1 - Childhood friend of Sera's from Great Forks, merchant of all sorts of exotic goods

Influence: 2 Sera's Influences are with the same groups she has Contacts with.

GM Stuff!!!!

/1st 10 year downtime report for Sera


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