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ImmortalisD's Wiki :o

I'll mainly be putting up artifacts on this page, perhaps a few charms, although that's doubtful. I'd mainly like to play around with low level artifacts, mainly ones left untouch by the majority. Trinkets of small power and the sort, minorly useful combat items as well as a few other pieces. We'll see if I'm ambitious enough to follow through with anything or not. :o




Please look around to see how we organize the Wiki. Charms and Artifacts (and everything else) is set up so things are easy to find. It's a snap once you get the hang of it. Oh, welcome to the wiki. - Telgar

Thanks for moving that for me Telgar, much appreciated. Wasn't aware you could link things in such a way. :) - ImmortalisD

There's more to be learned at BestPractices. :) We always appreciate it when new wikizens read and observe it. And welcome.
~ Shataina