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My artifacts will be placed here, mainly lower level trinkets or minor combat items. I may do a few higher level artifacts eventually.

Dragon Blooded


Righteous Gnarl
Artifact: •
Green Jade reinforced Staff
Speed: +8 Accuracy: 2 Damage: +7B Defense: +2 Rate: 2
Commitment: 2 motes

Twisted and gnarled are the branches of the Aeo tree, found deep within the forests of the east. The leaves of the tree are well known to natives for their usefulness in medicine, staunching the flow of blood quickly, as well as reducing fevor. This staff was created by the people of the east for their shamans, in order to aid their talents of healing. When wielded, the user gains +2 to their medicine skill, as well as the ability to automatically staunch blood loss for himself or anyone he touches.


None yet


Collar of Durability
Artifact: •
White Jade Choker
Commitment: 1 mote

Used by the aspects of earth for greater fortitude, the Collar of Durability grants it's owner +1 to their stamina, as well as an additional 1B/1L soak, which is due to the toughening of their skin, and does not count as armor. When attuned the choker tightens to fit the wearers kneck.


None yet


Crimson Aegis
Artifact: ••
Red Jade Target Shield
Commitment: 3 motes

This shield is a slightly larger version of an oval target shield, albeit surprisingly light for it's size. made almost entirely of Red Jade, Crimson Aegis is ornately decorated with gold flames in a spiral pattern, ending in a single hearthstone socket. When attuned, the shield subtracts 2 successes from all attacks made against the user from both melee and ranged attacks. In addition, the user does not suffer from any mobility penalty normally associated with a shield of it's size.

With the expenditure of 3 motes of essense, the shield reflexively jumps towards any attack the user is aware of, making a parry attempt equal to the users melee+essence. This parry is reflexive, and does not count against the wielders dice action for the turn. The shield may not make more parry attempts than the user has permanent essence.

Firey Gout
Artifact: •••
Red Jade Javalin
Speed: +3 Accuracy: +2 Damage: +4L Defense: 0 Rate: 3
Requires: Dexterity 3; Commitment: 7 motes

Accuracy: +2 Damage: +6L Rate: 2 Range: 40

Firey Gout is a single Javelin which is slightly longer than most commonly found on the battlefield. Finely balanced with a long shaft, it's tip is a viciously jagged point made of Red Jade. When active, which costs an additional 2 motes, Firey Gout is engulfed in flame, dealing an additional +3L when both used in melee or ranged combat.

With the expenditure of 3 motes of essence, Firey Gout may be placed 'elsewhere', and likewise may be summoned in the same fassion. When not elsewhere, the user may spend 1 mote to retrieve his weapon instantly to his hand, this is a reflexive action and has no penatly on their die action for the turn.

While elsewhere, the 7 motes are required to be commited until unattuned.


Comments are welcome -ImmortalisD