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Oy. That's basically the suck. What chunk of the country are ya stuck in Ik? Have ya posted 'Looking for groups' notes (or checked for similiar) at the FLGS? How about on the WW board and RPG.net? Failing that, how far are ya from colleges- most have some contingent of roleplayers.\\ DS, just trying to help :)

Gets to me too. I'm glad to see that you're considering joining in John's game; online play is better than no play! Are you planning to do any more WBM parts, by any chance? I'd really like to see where you go with CtS. I saw that signups were slowing up, so I thought I'd tack myself on to one of the lists... if I stick to the "short and meaty" model of the last few parts, I should have a chapter done this weekend. (Winter of your discontent, eh? I haven't heard that phrase in a long time!) Maybe we should get up a webpage for "people of the Wiki", so we can have some faces instead of being names on a screen and all that. - willows, hoping things improve

p.s.: I've been enjoying the drawings in the blog; it's cool to see physical realizations of someone else's image of Exalted.

I'm not in Vermont. Of course, Philly ain't much help, either. Domino

Geez, man, if you were a true friend, you'd quit school and move down here just so that we could play!
For the curious, I am in Boston. The place I lived when I first moved down here was situated right smack dab in the middle of a couple of college campuses, but due to irresponsible roommates, I no longer live there. I am now situated such that it is kind of a pain for me to get to those parts of the city where I might reasonably expect role-players to hang out. The only game store I'm aware of is this place on Mass Ave called "The Compleat Strategist," which doesn't have a really great Exalted selection (and which it takes me something like half an hour to reach, anyway -- I don't have a car, and it's a 15-minute-plus walk to the nearest T stop). So yeah.
Willows: Yeah, feel free to sign up whenever you want, just as long as you don't hit two in a row. I'm likely to do another CTS chapter relatively soon, since Myriad appears to have dropped, and it's not like there's a huge contingent of people just clamoring to write. I'll probably post an advertisement/abject plea on the WW board first, though. Hopefully it won't mysteriously vanish this time. \\


Hey Iks, are you more of a ST type or a player type? There are very few people I'd consider online playing with but if it means anything to you you're one of them. -- Sigilistic

Raj, your name came up the other day on the Final-Forum. We (ben and I) were talking about people we should get over on the Final Forum and people we should get looking at/working on The Waste Land RPG in general. If you can pull yourself away from Exalted for a few minutes I'd love to hear your input. Drop me a line and I'll send you the current game docs for biting criticism. IM: detslahsr, email: hlarsson@final-form.com. I'm setting up web play and having someone who actually needs to use it to playtest with us would be a big incentive to getting it done.

In an unrelated note, REALLY nice work on crowned by the Sun. The fool reference and the Page of Swords as your last blog drawing both confirmed that I would love to have you look at TWLRPG. -- SandJack

Holy crap, I hadn't even realized that the illustration was a tarot reference. But now that you mention it, it sure is, isn't it? Always nice to know that I have hidden depths of meaning.\\