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Flow Like Water</b>

<b>Cost: 5 motes; Mins: Craft (Magitech) 2, Essence 1; 
Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: Instant
Prerequiste: None

This is a Charm that was created by the Solar Exalted for use by their Terrestrial servants and agents. By the time of the Usurpation every Terrestrial Exalted new this Charm as a matter of course, but as the Shogunate era progressed and the loss of First Age materials became common, this Charm fell into disuse. Currently, only savants in the Realm and Lookshy have knoweldge of this Charm, with Lookshy using it to greater effect repairing the ancient buildings of Inner Lookshy.

This Charm operates by making the materials used in First Age construciton to flow like water, repairing any damage. Every single application of this Charm fixes two Health levels of damage per Essence of the Terrestrial. No Repair roles or Resource expediture is required, the healing of damage is automatic. This Charm only works on First Age materials because they were designed to flow upon being targeted by this, it was specifically engineered into the materials. Currently, only First Age ground vehicles, hover vehicles, skyships and stuctures can be targeted by this Charm.

  • Power-wise, this is a mid-tier essence 2-3ish Celestial charm, and not an entry level DB essence 1 charm. As written, it completely obliviates the need for any repair mechanic, ever, and allows for full repair of arbitrarily powerful and complex Artifacts in seconds, with no significant costs, drawbacks or restrictions... except that the Artifact in question must be awesome. It would make a highly appropriate and very strong mid-to-end tree Lunar charm, if you replace "First Age materials" with "moonsilver". It's a very neat effect, but a DB will need ess 6 or higher to get this level of power. Sorry if sound rude; in a hurry and don't have time to edit for good phrasing ~Capric
    • No problem at all, I prefer real comments. They are useful and thought provoking. I also appreciate your thoughts. Yeah, this Charm only works on those artifacts designed with materials that are reactive to this Charm. Thus, really big awesome and powerful artifacts. I figured that it is so low is because the Solar Exalted wanted any and all Terrestrial Exalted to have and use the Charm. I can see that making it a higher Essence cost, that could be explained away by saying that only a certain minimum of Essence can reach the reactive spirit inside the materials. I have to think about it. A major limiting factor on this Charm is that it is completely useless against anything not made in the First Age, even a Second Age built First Age design is incapable of being targeted by this Charm. As a ST I wouldn't have a problem letting players have this Charm because it doesn't make sense for them to spend all their time reparing their artifacts and devices. Just a thought. Again, I appreciate the comment and don't think you are nasty, no need for modifing you tone. - Heru
      • Another thing to consider is how the existence and applicability of this charm will change the artifacts themselves. It will mean that any FA vehicle carrying DB passengers will regenerate health levels at a VERY high rate, and be virtually impossible to destroy. It also makes FA Warstriders ridiculously easy to deploy, as they will require less upkeep and fewer supply chains than even mortal infantry. It essentially makes First Age artifacts even more overwhelmingly powerful than they already are, since any DB that even thinks about coming into contact with one will be able maintain, fix, and regenerate it with trivial ease. The maintainence rules for the big artifacts are a very significant drawback and help to offset the tremendous power they give... as well as give the occasional plot point. If you don't want FA artifacts to have this drawback, I recommend simply saying that all FA artifacts don't require maintainenece and regenerate 1HL per day (or hour, or whatever). ~Capric