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Sidereal Hearthstones

These are the Stones of the Heavens.

Level 1

Storm’s Eye

 Manse •
 Trigger: Constant

A marble-sized gem filled with dark thunderclouds and green-blue waves, the Storm’s Eye is simple in function as well as form. It allows its owner to predict the weather around him with perfect accuracy, barring supernatural intervention.

Crystal Dice

 Manse •
 Trigger: Playing a game

Though considered a single Hearthstone for all purposes, the Crystal Dice form as six separate quartz cubes marked with spots of black impurity. The owner of the Dice enjoys fantastic luck in all games of chance such as craps, dice, roulette, poker and blackjack. Add two automatic successes to all rolls involving games of chance.

Karmic Calendar

 Manse •
 Trigger: Rising in the morning

Every day when its owner rises, the small disc of the Karmic Calendar has a message printed in Old Realm characters around its edge. This message simply informs the owner if the day will be good or bad. These predictions are very general, no more then five words long. Only beings Outside of Fate are exempt from these predictions. Thus, an ambush by demons or fae might occur on a "good" day but the owner would never wake in the morning to a happy message only later to have his wife leave him for his evil twin brother. Take note that the Calendar does not enforce the fate it predicts; it simply tells its owner what fate has in store for him. If he seeks trouble on a "good" day, he will be able to find it if he looks hard enough.

Level 2

Golden River Token

 Manse ••
 Trigger: Using the Quicksilver Canals

A small golden teardrop often worn as an earring or necklace charm, the Golden River Token is only useful in the confines of Yu-Shan. When traveling upon the quicksilver canals the stone doubles the speed at which the bearer travels. When in the silver channel, the water around the bearer's boat turns golden. If using a golden channel, the water around the boat becomes pure white radiance. This stone is considered perfectly legal by the Heavenly Bureaucracy and many young or absent minded Sidereals try to encourage growth of similar gems at their Manses.

Pilgrim's Badge

 Manse ••
 Trigger: Travel

This sliver of glowing pink stone ensures that any journey undertaken by its owner goes as planned. No undue problems will arrise with the travel arrangements and fate will conspire to see the Badge's bearer to his destination safely and quickly. The travel time for any trip is reduced by one fourth and the bearer gets an automatic success on any roll directly related to reaching his destination uninterrupted.

Stone of Answers

 Manse ••
 Trigger: Asking a question

When the owner of this Hearthstone asks a question, he can predict the answer before it is given. Note that this ability does not allow the owner to tell if someone is lying, only to predict their answer. The Stone of Answers takes the form of a smokey-grey quartz point.

Level 3

Bribe Stone

 Manse •••
 Trigger: Constant

A faintly glowing sphere of gold, the Bribe Stone glitters with wonderful promise of wealth and luxury for whoever holds it. A pearly aura surrounds the stone and it seems to hum a seductive song whenever held in a quiet place close to the ears. Almost any creature would love to have the Bribe Stone as their own, but gods are especially entranced by its allure. When used as payment or a bribe, treat the Bribe Stone as a Resources 4 offering. Gods treat it as an Artifact 3 offering or Resources 5, whichever is more valuable. If given away to someone not attune to its home Manse, the Bribe Stone will shatter within a lunar month and reform at home. This would be a drawback except for the odd nature of the Bribe Stone which makes its owner the only person who thinks of it as a worthless, rather gaudy trinket. No one given a Bribe Stone ever misses it when it is gone.

Faceless Visage Stone

 Manse •••
 Trigger: Concentration

An ivory cabochon with the vague suggestion of a human face on its surface, this Hearthstone gives its owner the power to mask himself behind a facade of blandness. By exerting his will through the Visage Stone the owner takes on the appearance and manner of a profoundly uninteresting and unremarkable person. His features become the definition of plain and he must very nearly explode to draw attention to himself. All attempts to recognize, remember or notice the person affected by this power are at +4 difficulty. Attacks made against him are at +2 difficulty because his opponents tend to forget exactly where he is.

Lost and Found

 Manse •••
 Trigger: Dawn

Every morning the owner of a Lost and Found will rise to discover a misplaced possession near him. This possession can be his own, if he has lost something by accident recently, but generally it belongs to another person. Items lost by chance and forgetfulness simply find their way to the owner of a Lost and Found. Generally the objects attracted by a Lost and Found are valuable in some way, but not excessively so. A bit of trash or a worn-out sock is unlikely to be attracted by the stone but a lost wallet or misplaced journal full of personal thoughts is. These items are often useful to the owner of the Lost and Found in some way, even if the use is only in returning them. By some trick of magic, the Lost and Found's owner has a very easy time returning items he gathers through the stone. All rolls directly involved in returning the found items gains 3 automatic successes. Note that stolen or hidden items are not lost for purposes of this Hearthstone.

Level 4

Piercing Eye

 Manse ••••
 Trigger: Concentration

A small eye-sized orb of opalescent crystal, the Piercing Eye reveals to its owner the true colors of another person, exaggerating visual clues that show their inner nature and true intentions. A nosy person's face will be marred with an inhumanly large olfactory organ, a stubborn man's jaw becomes a block of granite and a coward's stomach will glow yellow. The effects of this stone's power are activated at whim and last for a minute unless shut off with a simple thought. Even magical qualities or magically disguised qualities of the person come to light under the gaze of the Piercing Eye.


 Manse ••••
 Trigger: Meditation

The Forgetme is an ovoid teardrop of dull grey with a few flecks of white scattered across its upper face. The reverse side of the stone is brilliant blue shot through with violet and gold streaks. When the owner of the Forgetme wishes, he may meditate upon the stone's unremarkable surface. After an hour of meditation the Forgetme's master gains all the benefits and drawbacks of Arcane Fate until the next dawn. If he wishes to end the Forgetme's power earlier, he must simply spend another hour meditating on the bright, gaudy side of the stone. A Sidereal may meditate upon the gaudy side for an hour to remove the effects of his natural Arcane Fate until the next day and regain the effects by medidating upon the plain side.

Level 5

Wizard's Heart

 Manse •••••
 Trigger: Special

A large transparent icosahedron, the Wizard's Heart is a vessel for sorcery. The inner core of the stone can contain a single Sorcerous spell of any Circle. The level of the spell within dictates the current color of the Heart. Terrestrial spells turn it green, Celestial spells turn it blue and it glows white when filled with a Solar spell. The Wizard's Heart can not contain Necromancy, though an Underworld version of this stone is rumored to exist. In order to release the spell within the stone, the owner of the Heart must pay the full cost of the spell while holding the stone. The same process repeated on the empty stone will fill it with any spell the owner knows. Casting the spell held within the Heart is a normal, Simple action no matter what circle the spell belongs to.

The Quintessential Truffle of Dreams

 Manse •••••
 Trigger: Sleeping with the stone in your mouth

A tiny Hearthstone which takes the shape of a different sort of truffle each time it reforms, this silvery gem is hugely powerful, especially to the inhabitants of Heaven. The Truffle brings to life the dreams of its owner when he sleeps with the Truffle in his mouth. Whatever objects, creatures or other items the holder of the Truffle dreams of are forged from Quintessence taken from the communal prayer troughs. People or animals created by this Hearthstone are incredibly unintelligent (Int 1, though not sentient) and manifest as appropriately aspected elemental spirits. Items created by the stone are of the normally surpassing quality of items made from Quintessence.
It takes special training to create specific items with dreams but it is possible the use the stone untrained. Doing so runs the risk of bringing to life nightmares which is, quite frankly, a great risk. The dream-creations manifest around the dreamers bed at the moment he awakens and last until the owner next sleeps.


Does the Wizard's Heart allow an instant cast? I would assume it does (probably as a simple action) but you havn't stated what type of action it is or how long it takes.
-- Darloth wasn't actually looking for that, but likes finding and commenting on interesting things on the way for looking for something else.

Yes, it allows for instant casting of the spell within it as a simple action. I have modified the stone text. Also, feel free to randomly comment on my stuff any time. I love me some commentation. - Telgar

Indeed. It's why wiki are so great. -- Darloth