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Earth HearthStones

These are the Stones of Earth, empowered to control metal, dirt and stone. These Hearthstones can take the form of any natural gem, simple clods of dirt or ingots of metal.

Level 1


 Manse •
 Trigger: Hitting a rock

When this fist-sized grey hunk of rock is used to energetically smash other rocks, it does so with extreme prejudice. Rocks smashed with the Pulverizer are quickly reduced to a fine, sand-like powder. The amount of time it takes to smash a rock depends on how large it is. Assume rocks smaller then a human head can be smashed instantly but rocks larger then that require a minute of smashing per square foot of stone. The Pulverizer cannot smash Hearthstones or other magical items nor things which are not rocks except in the way that any fist-sized rock can do so.

Gestalt Stone

 Manse •
 Trigger: Concentration

Used for the ever-fun task of making rocks, the Gestalt Stone is an amorphous blob of sandy particles that cling together through no apparent means. The sand can be rubbed off, bits pulled off and washed away by water but the Gestalt Stone never gets any smaller. When touched to sand, gravel, dust or some other loose collection of very small bits of Earth, the Gestalt Stone merges them together into a solid lump of material. Sand becomes glass, gravel becomes stone, filings become nuggets of metal. The weight of the new lump is the same as the total weight of the loose material coagulated. The Gestalt Stone can only handle about ten pounds of material at a time.

Gem of Petrification

 Manse •
 Trigger: Extended contact

Replicating the natural ability of stone and mineral to replace dead flesh, the Stone of Petrification can turn the remains of a once living plant or animal into stone. In order to complete the transformation, the Gem must be left in contact with the remains for a full week. The type of stone varies occasionally based on nothing predicatable but is never a highly valuable variety of rock. The Gem is unable to petrify animate remains like Juggernaut or a zombie.

Crystal of Gems

 Manse •
 Trigger: Contact with a gemstone

As there are five Magical Materials, five great metals, five types of Exalted, five elements and so forth there are also five great gemstones: sapphire, ruby, emerald, diamond and amethyst. By touching this rainbow-hued crystal to a sample of any of the five great gemstones the Crystal's owner can transform the sample into any one of the other stones. This transformationm has no effect on the size, shape or quality of the stone being changed. It should be noted that this transformation almost always produces 'standard' gemstones. It will only on very rare occasions produce black diamonds or yellow sapphires and so forth.

Sleeper's Dream

 Manse •
 Trigger: Desire to sleep

Whenever the owner of the Dream wishes, he can fall asleep. Instantly and completely, no matter what surroundings he is in and no matter what mundane conditions afflict him. Only magic can keep a person with Sleeper's Dream awake against his will. He sleeps for as long as he wishes and can wake himself instantly at any pre-determined time. The sleep produced by the Dream is perfectly normal sleep, though deep and relaxing.

Level 2

Neverlost Stone

 Manse ••
 Trigger: None (Constant)

This flat gray disk of stone has four white splashes, one at each cardinal point, and a green center marking. While attuned to the Manse that produces this stone it is impossible to become lost in any place no matter the conditions. The holder will always know her way to her destination.


 Manse ••
 Trigger: Funeral rites

Earth is one of the elements most useful in dealing with the dead. Salt binds their spirits and internment in stone puts them to rest. Using the Gravestone, a cold rectangle of granite, a corpse can be instantly interred at the end of funeral rights. Once the rights over a corpse are finished, the Gravestone is touched to the body and a sheath of sand and gravel emerges from the stone to cover the body. Within a minute the body is sealed inside a stone sarcophagus. Using the Gravestone has the same effect as a Zenith anima power, it appeases the spirit of the dead and prevents them from rising as a Hungry Ghost.

Gem of Transparent Earths

 Manse ••
 Trigger: Constant

Making use of the innate connection between all forms of Earth, the master of this stone can see through any Earthen material as if it were finest glass. Metal, clay and stone are the most common forms of Earth the Gem works on. The Gem takes the form of an ovoid of glass so clear it is invisible unless the light shines off it's polished surfaces.

Rock of Serenity

 Manse ••
 Trigger: Constant

Whoever owns this plain grey sphere finds within himself a center of perfect serenity and calm. The emotionless stability of the Earth becomes part of the stone's master, allowing him to stay his course and ignore his emotional bias. Saddly, the Earth is not caring nor passionate. While the master of the Rock of Serenity gains an automatic success on all Temperance and Willpower rolls, his other Virtue pools are reduced by 1 dot.

Level 3

Stone of Preservation

 Manse •••
 Trigger: Concentration

A sphere of transparent quartz, this Hearthstone can preserve anything that is not intelligent. When the holder touches the stone to an object (or non-intelligent animal) and concentrates, the sphere adheres to the target and protects it from the passing of time. Food can be kept fresh, plants can be kept in bloom and so on. This effect ends when the stone is removed, which any intelligent being can do simply by plucking it off. It will not, however, simply fall off.

Ferrophage Gem

 Manse •••
 Trigger: Contact with the Stone

As long as a character is in physical contact with this ugly little knot of mixed metals he can devour metal as if it were normal, if tough to chew, food. When a character has eaten a sufficient amount of metal, usually about 10 pounds worth, the metal begins to manifest in their body, transforming their teeth, fingernails (or claws) and such features into metal. The type of metal that results is based on the type consumed, as it is with Furnace Rhinos. These metalic body parts add +1 to all stats and +2 to damage. If they are made of one of the Five Magical Materials, the appropriate bonus is confered as if the character were Harmonized with the material.
If the character at any time looses physical contact with the stone, the metal body parts revert to their normal state instantly and the character will excrete the metal in solid form normally. Such metal has been drained of much of its innate Earth Essence and can not be re-consumed.


 Manse •••
 Trigger: Constant

A perfect cube of White Jade, the Faebane embodied all that the Wyld hates about Creation. It's unchangingly solid, mathematically perfect form swells with the implacable force of Earth and it terrifies the Wyld-touched to their core. Any Wyld creature faced with the Faebane must make a Valor roll, difficulty 4, or flee. Creatures with an Essence of 4 or higher make the roll at difficulty 2. The powers of the Fae have trouble affecting the master of the Faebane, all rolls made to resist Wyld magics gain an automatic 3 successes. The Faebane also makes its owner immune to Wyld mutation and addiction. The Faebane can never be attuned by anyone with Wyld mutations.

Gem of Ageless Sleep

 Manse •••
 Trigger: Sleeping

There is a legend in the Hundred Kingdoms of a great Manse of Earth, a vast stone spire that reaches unto the Heavens and at the peak, a princess sleeps forever, unaging, awaiting rescue. Possibly that story was inspired by this Hearthstone. When an attuned owner sleeps with this cloud-shaped piece of jade in contact with his body his sleep becomes a mystic trance during which he does not age. Using this stone's power every night for a year adds two seasons to the owner's natural lifespan. If used forever, the owner will live 40% longer then normal.

Essence Conductor

 Manse •••
 Trigger: Contact

Objects set with this thin, finger-sized copper rod gain the ability to channel Essence through them perfectly. If the master of the Conductor wishes, he can touch another Essence-channeling creature with the item in which the Conductor is set and send motes through the item to the other. There is no limit to the number of motes that can be transfered in this fashion, though only 10 motes can be transfered in a turn.

Level 4

Miner’s Lamp

 Manse ••••
 Trigger: Concentration

Glowing like a miniature torch, this transparent yellow crystal comes from deep in the Mine, an Earth Manse of great power. Any pure metal touched to this stone can be transmuted into gold, silver, copper, iron or lead. The transformation is permanent and the material created is perfectly genuine and pure. This ability can not be used in combat as the transformation takes several hours.


 Manse ••••
 Trigger: Casting of Sorcery

Created in the depths of a glowing array of crystalline pillars, this gem takes the form of a perfectly transparent rhombus. A slight darkness rests in its heart. Whenever its owner casts a spell, the great glow around the spell is sucked into the heart of the stone. No essence is wasted in phantasmal displays when this Hearthstone is around, instead it is channeled into the stone and saved for future spells. The preserved spell-essence lowers the cost of the next Spell cast by half the cost of the spell the essence was absorbed from.

Level 5


 Manse •••••
 Trigger: Constant

Appearing as a fist-sized pyramid of steel, each of the four faces splashed with rust, the Ruststone is possibly one of the most potent defensive Hearthstones in Creation. When attuned it makes its master impervious to harm from natural metallic weapons. Only the alien metals of Soulsteel and Starmetal can harm its master. While metal weapons may strike home, the Ruststone's power prevents them from doing any direct harm. Weapons of non-metallic substances such as Jade, stone, wood, glass, flesh and bone have no trouble inflicting all manner of pain upon the owner of the Ruststone.


I assume the 5MM bonuses from the Ferrophage Gem are on top of its +1 acc and +2 damage, yeah? Since starmetal is only +2 damage, and so on.
-- Darloth

Yes, of course. - Telgar

Questions on the two level four stones. (By the way, I do love your hearthstone collection - I'm just a nitpicky idiot.)

  • Miner's Lamp: This is 'proper' gold by all intents and standards, yes? Thus, if I had, say, a pile of aluminum shavings the size of a house, I could tap it with this stone, and turn it into gold. Moments later, I pour it into a volcano, distill the heck out of it, and get Orichalcum? As a player, I like that, but as with many things, I like certain possibly game-altering features to be documented. Similarly, what if I tap my enemy's armor with this thing? Can I turn their nice steel sword into pliable pure gold?
  • Spellbinder: So this mutes the traditional "Oh my gosh that's sorcery!" display. Your anima (if using peripheral) will still flare madly, but you'll stop the "Oh my gosh sorcery!". That's well and good. In addition, you save this excess mojo, and use it to reduce the cost for your next spell - still good. Would just the sorcery-muting effect be level 3? Level 2? Something that would bleed the power out into a glowing stone for the next few hours, perhaps? Just keep the stone in a nice tight box, and you can dissipate that excess energy quietly and innocently, rather than "The caster is over here!"

Thanks for your time, and stones! -- GreenLantern

Miner's Lamp: Yes, it's real gold. And yes, if you had an orichalcum refinery you could use the gold from this into orichalcum except that refining orichalcum is considerably more complicated then you describe. However your comments as to armor-into-gold made me add some provisos to that stone. It can no longer be used in combat and it only affects pure metals. - Telgar Spellbinder: A sorcery-flare muting stone would by itself be level 2 or 3 depending on if it did anything else minor and how well it worked and what game it was in. - Telgar

Telgar - thanks for the replies. Yes, refining gold into orichalcum is, in fact, far more difficult than I imply, but still got the point across. As for the transformation, is purity of the input material really the restriction that gets the effect you're looking for? Perhaps simply requiring that you hold the stone on the target material for some time - perhaps 10 seconds - and some sort of indication magic is being done - the metal shivers and glows, perhaps - to prevent it's use as a malicious tool in most situations. Similarly, the other change you already made (that of the transformation itself taking several hours once activated) also prevents it from being such a surprise. I'm just giving alternatives, is all. -- GreenLantern
The purity restriction is to prevent people from turning paperclips into Resources. - Telgar
Curses. That's precisely what I was hoping for. C'est la vie, I suppose. -- GreenLantern