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Archived on: 10.14.05

I like your ideas thought they do step out of my proseption of your charecter. It sound like screaming echos of some of you previous charecters that you have made. If this is the rought you want to travel remember you are better in the sea that on it. Your plains for Melody are very "Lunarisk" excepte the contract.(cheak you bureacracy score) And do't forget you are only average intelligence not your intelligence; you have done pretty well in keeping out of game information out of game. Remeber what you have to work. To build this upertrimmen that you what ,which I think is a good idea but more solarish, I will consider to be like building a small 1-3 dot manse. Don't be discouraged by this I am just trying to keep you in charecter. You have done well this far. Remeber that lunars can be social as well even the big dumb silver spear was social.(thought he did shout echos of Black Bear, Ameron and failling light) I hope that my comments have been a little insightful and good luck. And sorry about some of the edict I am still getting use to this wikiy thing. - Musicfox

well lets see, i'd considered an engine, but a two dot blue jade artifact would do better faster what this thing can do (double sailing speed, no maneuver penalty.) the main reason for doing the whole build a ship bit is to encourage growth of current cult and inspire more fear in the hearts of things that ply the sea... besides it's a good way to get back at all the DBs out there on the water. remember, i have no clue what the crew(PCs) have been doing or what they are doing (IE Tentacles' quest) but it seemed like the elder's had a good thing going and i'm seeking in a brash and bold way to improve it, to prove them as lesser without actually challenging them *grins*
remember, i may be a combat machine, but my social scores are also 4s (save average appearance). besides, in game i can only ask about things i might have seen or heard of, i only just recently became aware of the whole shipbuilding world, having traveled below them for so long. conviction 3 allows me to continue where another "young" lunar would quit and since i have a ship-second(Failing Light) he can take over while i go for long undersea explorations to satisfy any hunts i need. in all honesty, yes some echoes do scream, however most of these plans are from an NPC standpoint, as i said, i can only wish for them in game, i can't do a damn thing about building them (on average i score 2 sux on each roll for planning, Strength[for building] would give me 3-4 sux, maybe)
my plans for Melody can be summarized into a "Contract", perhaps i should have put it in quotes before but, most Lunars would prefer a binding oral agreement anyways, and there's nothing that says i have to show i can read / write. Manipulation is my forte, and intimidation can take many routes. and if i get suckered, oh well. that's the game.
just current thoughts, would love to talk in person, but it won't happen until Sat. -grypph