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Vane, the Night with his Courtier

Sobriquets: The Rebus, the Enigma

Vane is the mystery of the darkness and death, and the ambiguity of attraction and repulsion that mortals feel towards it. It is the source of nightmares and dreams. It is also the personification of the Underworld's black sky, the darkness that lurks in the corners even whenGregorDyne/Umbra is at his brightest, and as such, the arbiter of the fates of the dead.

Vane is a conflicted entity, both in gender and in attitude. Its death split its personality in twain, giving it two faces (the night, and his courtier), and others are never quite certain which face is dominant and which holds which viewpoint.

Phantasms of Vane

  • Malrios, the Corpulent Night, Phantasm of the Third Circle, Fetich Soul of the Night with his Courtier
    • The Bishop of the Chalcedony Thurible, Deathlord, Messenger Soul of The Corpulent Night
    • The Walker in Darkness, Deathlord, Indulgent Soul of The Corpulent Night
  • Perveth, She Who Dreams Her Sleep, Phantasm of the Third Circle