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Umbra, the Bloodmoon

Sobriquets: The Obsidian Moon, The Leering Shadow, the Chained One, Antihelios, The Red Star, Luna Sanguine, Luna Tenebrae

The Black Moon of the Underworld was once a celestial body of Creation, but he was slain by his daughter Luna when the gods rose up against their creators.

The Chosen of Luna fashioned a powerful and fell weapon of moonsilver, and drove it into Umbra's heart. His Heart's Blood spilled out, staining his body a deep crimson, and dimming his light to purest black. Nevertheless, Umbra was so angered by his daughter's act that his heart continues to beat, even in death. In time with these slow pulses, the obsidian moon becomes a searing, angry red (strong enough to serve as a small sun for the Underworld, which otherwise lacks one), and he renews his eternal struggle to return to Creation to exact his vengeance upon Luna.

Therefore, Umbra has the distinction of being the only Primordial that had to be killed and forcibly restrained. Luna seduced Autochthon into forging chains of pure Essence, promising her not meager attentions in exchange for this gift, which she then used to bind her dead father to the body ofGregorDyne/Leviathan. These giant chains restrain the angry moon, tethering it to the ground, preventing it from ascending clear out of the Underworld and back into Creation.

The five major chains (one for each elemental pole) that bind Umbra have mystical keys known as the Ties that Bind, potent artifacts hidden in Creation during the First Age and long since thought lost. The servants of Umbra (in particular, Tears of the Bloodflower and her Abyssal Circle, the Night-forged Moiety of the Sanguinous Lament) spend a great deal of time and energy hunting down rumors of these keys. Recently, the Deathlord formed a Shadowland in a small eastern river-country, and her Abyssals have made great strides toward tracking down the artifacts they need. If all five are recovered and used, Umbra will be freed.

Umbra holds dominion over the shadows that play against the moonlit ground, as well as spilled blood of all sorts, and mad, dark visions. As such, he is every bit as protean as his offspring, Luna.

Phantasms of Umbra

  • Jacier, He Who Holds in Thrall, the Incarnadine Claviger, Phantasm of the Third Circle, Fetich Soul of the Tenebrous Moon
    • The Tears of the Bloodflower, Deathlord, Expressive Soul of the Incarnadine Claviger
    • The Princess Magnificent with Lips of Coral and Robes of Black Feathers, Deathlord, Reflective Soul of the Incarnadine Claviger
    • The First and Forsaken Lion, Deathlord, Indulgent Soul of the Incarnadine Claviger