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Leviathan, the Living Lord =

Sobriquets: The Prince of Pain, Pleasure of Extinction's Kiss

Leviathan is called the Living Lord because, of all of the Stygians, he was the most enamored of life and living things. As was his desire, the fields overflowed with rich bounty, and the forests scintillated. The mortals of the Age of the Primordials were never infertile, nor did they have to toil to be prosperous. Gaia's embrace of life in his absence pales by comparison, as witnessed by the fact that under her auspices, mortals must now scrape and scrabble at the land for a mere pitance of their former bounty.

In the process of death, Leviathan became the physical manifestation of the foundations of the Underworld, a dark reflection of the Creation he once loved. Leviathan's love of life has been poisoned by the memory of the rebellion (and the betrayal of his son), and has been turned to despite. His flesh is the grey topsoil of the lands of the dead, his veins are underground rivers of blood, and his bones, teeth, and claws are the black bedrock and its occasional jagged outcroppings.

Of all the Stygians, Leviathan is the most interested in dragging the rest of creation down into death with him. He now embodies sadomasochism and death in its guise as the natural urge of living things toward self-destruction.

Phantasms of Leviathan

  • The Heart of Betrayal and Pain, Phantasm of the Third Circle, Fetich Soul of the Living Lord
    • Eye and Seven Despairs, Deathlord, Expressive Soul of the Heart of Betrayal and Pain
  • The Well of Udr, Phantasm of the Third Circle
    • The Dowager of the Irreverent Vulgate in Unrent Veils, Deathlord, Messenger Soul of the Well of Udr