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Cythess, the Shadowed Sleep

Sobriquets: The Abyss, the Neverborn, the Mouth of Oblivion, the Grim Reaper, What Lies Beneath

Unlike the other Stygians, Cythess was not slain in the rebellion of the Gods. Instead, he sprang into being when GregorDyne/Leviathan was killed. Cythess is the personification of Oblivion. As such, he is the most mysterious of the Stygians. He is also the most aggressive and hostile towards Creation. Where GregorDyne/Leviathan (who still loves Creation in his fashion) wants to drag Creation down into the Underworld, Cythess wants only to see an end to all things and utter Oblivion. He masks his agenda well enough that nobody is quite sure of his intentions, and he is quite adept at making Nothingness sound like the cure to all ills.

Phantasms of Cythess

  • Nihil, the End of All Tears, the Daughter of his Maw, Phantasm of the third circle, Fetich soul of the Shadowed Sleep
    • The Mask of Winters, Deathlord, Reflective Soul of the End of All Tears
  • The Piceous Prince, Phantasm of the Third Circle