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Impossibly Ominous Refugee

  Nature: Survivor
  Caste: Soulsteel Akuma of Autocthon, Formerly Moonshadow Caste Abyssal trained as Exemplar of the Sequestered Tabernacle
  Anima: Roiling black clouds, the sounds of pistons churning, the smell of gasoline


  STR: 9     CHA: 1     PER: 2
  DEX: 6     MAN: 1     INT: 2
  STA: 9     APP: 2     WIT: 5


  Endurance: 3
  Linguistics: 1
  Lore 3
  Occult 1
  Socialize 1
  Presence 3
  MA 5 (Specialties: One on One, Other Martial Artists)
  Athletics 3
  Survival 3
  Occult 1 
  Stealth 2
  Dodge 3   
  Thrown 3 
  Awareness 2 


Will: 8 (8)

  Compassion: 1   Temperance: 1
  Conviction: 4   Valor: 4

Essence: 4

  Personal Essence: 20
  Peripheral Essence: 72 (7*Ess + WP + SigmaV + HL = 28+8+10+HL = 46+HL = 46 + [7 + 3*3 (OBT) + 10 (Wyld Mutation Health Levels)])
  Additional Essence: 20 (Essence Engorgement Technique)

Merits and Flaws


  Wyld Mutation - Beneficial Affliction "Tough" (4 pt Merit)
     Provides +2 Str, +1 Stamina, Allows soaking Lethal with full Stamina, provides -1, 2x -2 HL
  Wyld Mutation - Beneficial Blight "Giant" (6 pt Merit)
     Doubles in size, providing +3 Str, +3 Stamina, additional -0, 2x -1, 4x -2 HL


  Slow Healing (4 pt Flaw)
  Known Anathema (1 pt Flaw)
  Permanent Caste Mark (2 pt Flaw)
  Mute (Whisper, 1 pt Flaw)
  Addiction (Petroleum Products, 2 pt Flaw)


  Artifact: 3
  Manse: 3
  Backing: 2
  Vats: 1
  Class: 2


Sequestered Tabernacle:
Ox-Body Technique
Elegant Tyrant's Majesty (in place of Harmonious Presence Meditation)
Tiger Style: Crimson Leaping Cat Technique Tiger Style: Striking Fury Claws Attack

Raiton's Perch
Spider Pounce
Essence Engorgement Technique
Essence Engorgement Technique
Pain Eating Focus
Insensible Corpse Technique (Permanent -2 reduction in wound penalties)
Dragon-Blooded via Moonshadow Caste Ability: Whirlwind Shield Form
Ox-Body Technique x 2 (for a total of 3)

Transitory Augmentation of Strength
Electrification Onslaught Dynamo
Sustained Augmentation of Dexterity

MA Charms

The Fourfold Path to Readiness Style , the whole "Non-Master" tree


  None needed :)


  Weapon: Soulsteel Gauntlets of Distant Claws 
          Speed +0 Accuracy +1(+2 due to SS bonus) Damage +5L (drains 4m per hit) Defense +1 Rate 6 (When used in melee)
          Speed +0 Accuracy +1(+3 due to SS bonus) Damage 9L Defense +0 Rate 2 Range 15 (When fired)
          Requires: Strength 1, Dexterity 2; Commitment: 3 each (6m total commit)
  Armor: Silken Armor (+3B, +5L, 6m commit)
  Utility1: Soulsteel Hearthstone Bracers (-2 Opponent soak, +3 Dodges, 4m commit)
  Utility2: Soulsteel Thunderbolt Shield (+3 difficulty to hit me, 5m commit)
  Total Committed: 21m - 20 from Essence Engorgment Pool, 1 Peripheral


  Seven Leaping Dragon's Stone (+4 dice to MA attacks)

Health Levels

26 Total
2x   Bruised(-0)   [Normal][Giant]
8x   Hurt(-0)      [Normal][Normal][OBT1][OBT2][OBT3][Giant][Giant][Tough]
14x  Wounded(-0)   [Normal][Normal][OBT1][OBT1][OBT2][OBT2][OBT3][OBT3][Giant][Giant][Giant][Giant][Tough][Tough]
1x   Crippled(-2)  [Normal]
1x   Incap.        [Normal]

Important Combat Details

Combat stats:
Basic MA Attack is melee with Claws, with accuracy as follows:

6 Dex + 5 MA + 2 Accuracy + (2 specialties, which will always apply in this case) + 4 7LD Stone = 19 Dice 

Basic MA Attack does following damage:

9 Str + 5L (Weapon) + (Remember -2 opponent soak) = 14L + 4m essence drain

Basic Defenses are:

Dodge: 6 Dex + 3 Dodge + 3 Hearthstone Bracers + 4 Essence = 16 Dice
Parry: 6 Dex + 5 MA + 2 Specialties + 1 Weapon Def = 14 Dice

Difficulty to Hit Modifiers: (Not all necessarily apply, but I need to write them down)

Thunderbolt Shield: +3 Diff to hit
Alchemical Caste Ability: +2 Diff to hit
FFPtR Form: +MA over 2 (round up) = +3 Diff to hit
Whirlwind Shield Form: +4 Diff to hit against ranged attacks

For a maximum +12 Diff to hit against ranged attacks. I sure hope no one feels like throwing Chakrams at me.
Character Description

The story of the Impossibly Ominous Refugee begins far from here, deep in the Underworld. Originally known as the Patient Forced to Survive, the story begins with the death of an Abyssal in the service of the First and Forsaken Lion. The shard released, it headed outward, to find a new host. The name of the host is now irrelevant, as when he exalted, he lost his name, and heard the whispers in his mind explaining that he was now the Patient Forced to Survive, and that his courage and abilities would now be put to use for a much greater purpose - that of death. Resisting, he fled away from everything he could, hoping that the farther he could get from civilization, the less he could hurt anyone, and the longer it would take for his new Deathlord's forces to reclaim him and torture him into submission. On and on he ran, through the bordermarches and into the Deep Wyld.

Staying there for days, even weeks, he lost the concept of time, and struggled to even stay alive. On the dawn of his second month there, he saw a group of tiny men approaching. Motioning and waving at him, he wondered if they were even real, or just another damned figment of this horrid reality. When he opened his mouth to speak, they fell back, covering their ears, as if a crack of lightning had just gone off. Making the universal "shut up!" motion, they approached, this group of ever-so-tiny men. After a brief discussion, they explained that they were here to 'recruit' him, and that they would provide protection, in exchange for his services. At first not believing, the display of Solar and Sidereal anima banners were enough to convince him of their tiny intent, and off they went, back to a place they called "The Sequestered Tabernacle".

There, he learned that it wasn't the scout team that was tiny, it was instead that he had somehow become quite large during his time in the Wyld, and could no longer utilize common equipment, rooms, or really anything. Those at the tabernacle didn't seem to mind too much, but his much bigger problem was that with his size came an equally booming voice that he was unable to control. Forced to whisper so that he didn't frighten others, the Patient Forced to Survive continued his training, always worried about the whispers, and that someday, his Deathlord would come for him. Eventually, he chose to train as an Exemplar, so that he might better retaliate against the inevitable day that his Deathlord would try to convince him of death's innate superiority. Upon graduation, he studied with another of the students, who taught him the way of the Fourfold Path to Readiness, attempting to prepare him both mentally and physically for the day of reckoning he knew would come.

After some time, the Locust Crusade began. With the discovery that the chosen of Autocthon had returned to Creation, the Patient saw a way out. Leaving the comfort and acceptance of his Cult home, he headed south, for the head of Ot. At first feared by the Autocthonian troops, the Patient, with a large and imposing appearance that reminded them of Meticulous Owl, gained their trust, and was 'escorted' into Yugash by a number of armed men. Once there, he began bargaining for something much greater than his life. Swearing fealty to the people of Yugash, and the cause of Autocthon, the Patient was granted an audience with Domadamod, Divine Minister of Reuse, Repair, Recycling, and Cannibalism. Hearing of the Patient's corruption by Malfean forces, and impressed by the lengths at which the Patient would go to safeguard others, the Enlightened Guardian of the Eternal Cycle agreed to free him from their influence, thus creating the first of Autocthon's Akuma.

Still getting used to his new situation, the newly named Impossibly Ominous Refugee now works for the betterment of Autocthonian society, serving in nearly any role they ask of him. With the abundance of soulsteel and manufacturing in their realm, the Autocthonians have slowly been developing a panoply for the Refugee, starting with basic elements such as bracers, a shield, and suitable armor. Due to both his perceived mental imbalances, as well as his impressive physical size limiting him to only the larger areas of Autocthonia, he hasn't fit in well with the Tripartite. Instead, they've put his native knowledge of Creation to use, and as such he has been reassigned to Creation-based activities.


Yipe. I'm impressed by your ability to make all that come together. And in the end, I'm not too worried about what I see. You go. - IanPrice

Are you at least impressed by the system? I mean, not having ever made a duel-oriented character before, I've no idea how well this guy should do. My hope is that the high diff required to hit me will keep me safe most of the time, and well, as far as I can tell, my attacks are brutal. Almost like a better version of a DBT-lunar martial artist. -- GregLink, concerned that you didn't comment on how powerful this is.

Interesting, and a pretty decent story for what it is. I'd probably say Akuma(and pretty much any other background that gives dots) should probably be off limits. But it's an interesting concept. It would also be possible Gods and Gaia to create akuma(the Gods obvously didnt' because akuma, as direct extensions of their will, wouldn't be usefull against the Primordials). Wow, how tall is this guy anyway? (4 Ess Alchi + Giant!) -FlowsLikeBits

Luckily, he hasn't taken any of those backgrounds. He's just doing a massive type crossover to spam as many different charm types as he can get use out of, as far as I can tell.

As far as power level goes, this guy definitely beats the heck out of Dan Tai (who I think is a little weak), and It'll be fun to watch him fight Kree the Exacting. That all was implied in the "Yipe." However, since it's all justified, none of it worries me. Also, I'm still confident that my boss character will be a sufficient challenge without my having to up him from 150 XP. - IanPrice

I'm all for a little minmunching for duelling characters, but significantly changing the way the world works in order to create a whole new splat for them? It seems a bit unfair. If you want Alchemical Charms as a Moonsilver, you just gorram have them installed, silly. You don't change type to... whatever this person is. Anyway, my sentiment as an objective outsider...DeathBySurfeit

Oh, I agree, it's all quite nonsensical. I'm not even sure I'd play him in the actual tournament (the actual originator of the Fourfold Path To Readiness Style is an Eclipse Cultist, not a horrible monstrosity). Still, I wanted to see what I could do. As for the "Akuma" part, while I understand Flow Like Bits concerns about backgrounds that give dots, the Autocthonian 'lube and oil change' isn't really specified as a background at all, nor does it really do anything when you first get it done. It just allows you to get their charms and anima abilities, not much else. As to the fact that yes, a moonshadow caste could get the Alchie charms, it is quite possible (and even not that cost inefficient), but then it wouldn't be Impossibly Ominous Refugee, who, while not only a scary martial artist, is, I believe, the first Wikified Abyssal to have escaped his Deathlord by finding hisself a new bossman. -- GregLink, understanding that yes, this guy really does stretch all bounds of reason beyond the breaking point