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Avadonis, The Shadow That Casts Itself, Fetich Demon Of The Third Circle

It is said that every light casts a shadow, and that every shadow requires light. In Creation, this may be the case, but the beating heart of the Ebon Dragon is a darkness that no light can pierce, a powerful soul that rarely strays from his father's side. Avadonis walks only in the shadow of the Ebon Dragon, for there is nowhere else in all of Malfeas that his power is contained. When he walks abroad, a wise demon fears his passing, for his nature is the concept of death within life, and his presence feeds on the Essence of the world itself, consuming life and scouring the land.

Avadonis most often takes the form of a great dark beast, towering fifty feet in the air, with thirteen arms and a dozen legs, all placed at even intervals around his black-gray body. In his presence, light seems darker, although it still illuminates as normal, and his body is bleak and appears exactly the same no matter what angle he is viewed from; perfectly, asymetrically symetrical. Sometimes, when he wishes to limit himself, Avadonis takes the form of a humanoid, with obsidian skin and alabaster hair, and no eyes, ears, or nose on his smooth, featureless face. When he speaks, his mouth cracks open, leaking shadows into the world, and his shadow casts a formless shape on the ground before him.

The nature of Avadonis is to understand death, and to bring it wherever he walks. To that end, he has no caring for life, even his own. Of all the fetich souls of the Yozi he best understands the pain of the Neverborn, and he willingly brings death with him if he is summoned into the world, letting life extinguish before him in a cascade. He has no particular love of death, however; it is simply something which he accepts. His only desire is to end all the foolish desires of those who created him - the Exalt who twisted and transformed him into this half-living state. He is rarely unleashed, for he is careless of his safety and ever-seeking destruction, his own or another's.

Character Sheet

Strength 16, Dexterity 10, Stamina 10, Charisma 9, Manipulation 7, Appearance 8, Perception 12, Intelligence 11, Wits 10

Archery 6, Athletics 8, Awareness 10, Bureaucracy 5, Dodge 10, Integrity 10 (Causing Death +4), Investigation 9, Larceny 8, Linguistics 7 (All languages), Lore 9 (Demon +4), Martial Arts 9, Medicine 8 (Gentle slaying +2), Melee 8, Occult 9, Performance 9, Presence 10 (Intimidation +3), Resistance 10 (Tireless +3), Ride 5, Sail 5, Socialize 8, Stealth 10 (Silent +3), Survival 8 (Malfeas +2), Thrown 9

Compassion 2, Conviction 6, Temperance 5, Valor 6

Willpower 10, Essence 10, Essence Pool 200/200 Cost to Materialize: 100 motes

First Excellencies: All Abilities
Second Excellencies: All Abilities
Third Excellencies: All Abilities

Common Charms: Essence Plethora x5, Reserve of Will x3, Materialize, Measure The Wind, Principle of Motion, Shapechange (Between his two forms)

Fetich Soul: As a Fetich demon, Avadonis receives +5 dice to any rolls to resist summonings.
Under His Shadow: Any mortal touched by the shadow of Avadonis dies instantly and completely. Any being with an Essence pool loses 10 motes of Essence per action, and takes one health level of unsoakable aggravated damage per action if they run out of Essence. Avadonis can, during a Move, Dash, or Jump action, cast his shadow deliberately over any targets in range; avoiding it requires a Wits + Dodge roll with a difficulty of 9, as a reflexive action. He may do this once per action. In addition, anyone moving to strike him must take care not to enter his shadow, or suffer the same penalty; this commonly causes one to two of the six people who could strike him to be affected, depending on light sources. This is not so much a Charm as a permanent effect of Avadonis that he cannot surpress. It does not apply if he is not casting a shadow; generally, this can only be the case in a perfectly dark environment.
Shadow Body: Avadonis has a body created from the darkest shadows. Attacks that are not Holy cannot affect him. Shadow Attacks: Avadonis's body is not material. As such, his attacks cannot be parried. This is not a Charm so much as a permanent effect of his nature.
Shadow Resistance: As a Step 10 effect, Avadonis may spend 4 motes to reduce post-rolled damage to a number of health levels equal to the Essence of his attacker halved, rounding up.
Portal: Avadonis can spend 10 motes and a Willpower to travel to any location that is currently in a shadow. He may not travel from Malfeas to Creation, but can travel from Creation to Malfeas. He may also bring others with him for 5 motes each; if they resist, roll his Manipulation + Conviction against their Wits + Valor.
Bane Weapon: For 5 motes, Avadonis may cause an attack to deal aggravated damage to creatures of light, Solar Exalted, and servants of the Unconquered Sun.
Shadow Strike: Avadonis may spend 5 motes to make an attack against an immaterial target while material, or against a material target while immaterial.
Resilient Soul: Avadonis may spend 5 motes to end the effects of one Crippling, Poison, or Sickness effect that is affecting him. It does not heal existing damage.
Fast Healer: Avadonis heals Bashing damage at a rate of one per minute, lethal damage at a rate of one per hour, and aggravated damage at a rate of one per day.

Join Battle: 20
Umbral Claws: Speed 4, Accuracy 21, Damage 20L, Defense 21, Rate 3

Soak: 25B/20L (Shadowed Skin, 15L/15B, Mob -0, Fat 0)
Health Levels: OKx3, -1x10, -2x10, -4x3, Inc, Dying x10
Dodge DV: 15, Parry DV: 11


This one rocks but shouldent he have some sort of perfect defense? - Azurelight

Well, he's already permanently immune to non-Holy attacks, and he has a near-perfect for 4 motes (even an Essence 10 character can only deal a maximum of 5 levels of damage to him on a hit). I figured anything more would be overkill. - FrivYeti

You know, that is kinda true. I didn't think it trough propperly. I havve one question would it interact with adamantine fists of battle and the Aanti deamon weapons in Savant and sorcerer. -Azurelight

Caps them. The effect basically says, "After more health levels are rolled, the extra are lost." It's a perfect effect, and a defensive one, so it trumps anything that automatically adds levels of damage once they hit cap. If a Solar has, say, Essence 6 and Adamantine Fists of Battle, and rolls only 1 damage success, they will deal 3 levels of damage (1 success + 6 for Adamant Skin = 7, which is higher than 3, so it goes down to 3.) - FrivYeti