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General Format Standards

All pages should have the following:

  1. Links to the page's author, the parent page (if a subpage), and to any general wiki pages that lead to that page (e.g. Artifacts, WikiContent).
  2. Content broken up into hard-returned paragraphs.
  3. Spell-checked content, if necessary.

That's the important stuff. Below is more specific advice and a general template.

More Specific Advice

Line spacers ("----") are often good for separating lists of items.

When possible, long lists of items can be divided up using appropriate headers ("== header name here ==") and subheaders ("=== subheader name here ==="). The top header ("= header name here =") is very large and inelegant, and should probably not be used except at the head of a page, or the start of a category which subsumes several other categories.

If you find that a category has become very long, you are encouraged to move it to its own subpage ("<nowikiFormatStandards/SubpageNameHere</nowiki>").

Suggested categorization systems:

  • Hearthstones: by level, or by Aspect
  • Artifacts: by level, or by material
  • Virtue Flaws: by Virtue

What follows is a template. Again, it's not at all required; just an idea. It starts after the line spacer, which is not part of it.

Page's Name Here

Brief (one paragraph or so) synopsis here.

  • back to [author's UserPage].
  • back to [general wiki page that links to it, if any].


If you put in anchors (see TextFormattingRules), list them here.

Longer Justification / Explanation

If necessary, go into the details of why you're making the page.

Flavour / History

If necessary, put all your flavour text and / or history and / or fiction or whatever here.

Mechanics / Statistics

If necessary, put mechanics or statistics here.


Leave a space so people can comment on your work.

Comments on this General Template