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The Character

[I'll write this section later. I've got drawings to finish first !]

The Storyteller

Here's my personal story in a nutshell, about my roleplaying experiences.

I started to go to live roleplaying games at the age of 12. It was a medieval-fantasy weekend where anything or nothing could happen. I loved it. Not long after, I began to watch animes. My favorite series is still probably Rurouni Kenshin (and some say it's quite obvious when they compare Bancha Sakamogi to Himura Kenshin ^^;). One year later, age 14, I started to play Vampire the Masquerade. I was in highschool in a small town where everyone is afraid of anyone that doesn't act like them, which means everyone outside of town. Hopefully, these people usually don't live very interesting lives and don't matter overall. I know that's an awful thing to say, and I apologize. But anyway, there was the background picture on which we played every Friday evening, chasing around Sabbat raids and eventually, Camarilla agents.

I was initiated to the WoD and its great happy supernatural families. I was a player at first, even though I did play some other home-made roleplaying games when I was 9-10 or so. I was relieved to play a live roleplaying game such as Vampire ! I was really excited at first. I played a Malkavian pervert with a tutu and an undercover non-brainwashed Ananasi (were-spider for those know don't know) watching over me. After playing during several months, I decided to make up my own scenario (at first, I made my scenario so that I could play my Giovanni asshole character who died prematurely and I thought I could teach my old ST a lesson). I was horribly WRONG and my scenario sucked big time. After that, I came back shamefully in the Vampire game, mustering new ideas for a scenario that WASN'T based on revenge. By the way, that's my advice for anyone who starts their own game : DON'T DO THIS OUT OF REVENGE...EVER.

I had a talk with a friend and we put together a setting for a live Vampire : Dark Ages game with about 11 players. It was a great success (although I did a lot of work, he helped me by doing some NPCs I couldn't do because verything was happening at the same time. Hence, playing 4 NPCs at once is impossible for one person). After the end of the first chronicle, simply called Dark Ages I, I did several sequels (about 5 other chronicles) but this time only with me as a ST. Today, I don't see much of my old players since I moved to another city, although I often hear about making another Dark Ages game session from them. The truth is I began to be awfully emo and a shitty person while playing Vampire, and playing that didn't help. I'm not saying it's Vampire's fault, it's mine. I got tired of angsting and whining and being a good-for-nothing. I had heard about Exalted from my old Vampire ST and I was intrigued, but never very hooked.

Months passed. I moved to Montreal in the summer of 2004 and I had a roleplaying game break for a couple of months. After, I met my friend ShadesOfMovingWaters in January 2005, who was handling an Exalted rulebook and I went "Hey ! That guy knows Exalted !" and we talked a little about what we knew about it, what we knew about other White Wolf roleplaying games and others. Yakitty yak...I asked him if he would join my game, and he asked me the same. I wanted to go to his, but as I was studying in 2D Animation at the time, I never had the time to go and play. That disappointed him and I understand it (I would be disappointed too).

Since February 2005, I had pretty much the same base character casting (Bancha, Azrielle, Shunika, Shades and Captain Lozaras) with new players and new characters coming by. Everybody enjoyed the game and I was quite glad it wasn't Vampire (sorry, I like Vampire, but I've always been bitching the game eversince I stopped playing. It's just me I guess =P) One year later, I invited new friends to join the game, totalizing a wonderful 5 payers:1 storyteller ratio.

So here I am, with a wonderful bunch of insane Essence-wielders with egos as big as their Essence score, urging to kick a Deathlord's butt.


Nice to see you on the Wiki, Flickering Yura. I look forward to reading more of your contributions, and please check out BestPractices; it'd be appreciated if you avoided using underscores in page names, as they mess up the Wiki so...DeathBySurfeit

Thanks for stopping by ! And I'll consider changing the names by removing the underscores, it'll be better that way. I'll go visit your page soon too. Thanks again ! ^^ FlickeringYura