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Level Three Fire Hearthstones

Ashes to Bonfire Gem

by Resplendence

Manse: •••
Trigger: Wits + Occult roll (Simple)

This Hearthstone is a smooth, black ellipsoid. In its dark depths one can see a flickering fire, straining to be released. By activating its powers, the stone flares bright Essence flames that swirl around the bearer. It releases a surge of Essence that allows her to replenish her powers quickly, if she can handle the Essence flows correctly. This completely drains the channel and leaves the hearthstone completely inactive for some time.

Upon activating the hearthstone, the bearer must roll Wits + Occult to channel the Essence surge. She immediately regains three motes per success, filling her personal Essence before peripheral Essence. Peripheral Essence regained through the use of an Ashes to Bonfire Gem activate the bearer’s anima as if had spent the regained amount of motes. No more than a total of 20 motes can ever be drawn from the gem. A botched Wits + Occult roll inflicts 5 dice of lethal damage from the Essence flux. Only by natural soak applies to this damage.

After its use the Hearthstone becomes pitch black and is useless for a full day. During this time it cannot be used in any way, not even to regain Essence normally or to power artifacts.

Discord Stone

Book of Three Circles, p. 115

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Aspect Book: Fire, p. 78

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Book of Three Circles, p. 115

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Savant & Sorcerer, p. 68

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Caste Book: Zenith, p. 79

Stone of Failing Life

By EndlessChase

Stone of Feverish Dancing