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Level 5 FireHearthstones

Annihilation Amethyst


Burning Infant Stone

Firebird Gem

(Caste Book: Twilight, p. 78)

Fire-Eating Rock

(Aspect Book: Fire, p. 79)

Gem of Bones to Fire

(Book of Three Circles, p. 118)

Gem of Legendary Leadership

(Book of Three Circles, p. 118)

Gem of Perfect Mobility

(Caste Book: Dawn, p.77)

Jade of Puissant Seeing

(Exalted: The Outcaste, p. 50)
Hearthstone of the Deheleshen Lighthouse in Lookshy.

The Phoenix' Egg

by Resplendence

Manse: •••••
Trigger: Death

This smooth, jet-black ovoid gem is cold, smelling strongly of ashes and seemingly inert. It lies dormant until the moment the bearer meets a violent death. Then it explodes in a conflagration of Essence, consuming her utterly but leaving the surroundings unscathed. The bearer is then miracously reborn in a similar Essence fire at the hearthstone’s Manse a scene later. The conflagration consumes all her mundane equipment, but leaves items of the five magical materials unharmed at the scene of her death. The Hearthstone itself is also consumed and reforms at the normal pace.

Coming so close to death is a harrowing experience that requires a Willpower roll at difficulty five. Failiure permanently reduces Willpower and a random Virtue by one (not below the minimum required for the Great Curse). A botched Willpower roll also reduces Essence permanently by one. Should the roll reduce Willpower or Essence to one or lower, the soul is too weak to reform in the new body, and the bearer dies. If not, she is reborn in full health, cured of all ailments and with full Essence pools.

The Phoenix Stone