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To briefly describe the concept behind this.. have been in an exalted campaign for a while now, and it's gotten to the point where exalted vs exalted battles tend to be rather long, drawn out.. and a little boring at times.

Basically, we use a few houserules, which adpots things like, the rates from powercombat and cascading parries, but we don't use essence ping, as our ST believes (quite rightly) that it tends to make a mockery of the armour/soak build. So we're pretty much trying to think up ways to make combats go a bit quicker, without resorting to nerfing certain aspects of the system we think are more or less balanced.

Anyway, the idea I came up with, was basically to just allow free combos. Any exalt can spend 1 willpower, and get to make any kind of (legal using normal rules) combo with the charms in their list. Dragonbloods can combo completely freely, it doesn't cost them the willpower point.

Hopefully will get a chance to test this at some point.. but in theory, it could make combat faster, yet not make any of the charms you have worthless. It would also mean that while a solar or abyssal could easily spam perfect attacks at someone, and turn them into a bloody mess, they'll rapidly be burning through willpower and essence, and could probably be overwhelmed by numbers, which is as I feel it should be anyway really.

One problem which of course will immediately jump out.. is the twilight anima ability.. and it's general twinkiness regarding the essence/willpower regen charms... I'd say the best thing under this system would be to replace the twilight anima power with something completely different.. not sure yet...

But at any rate, I'm hoping I'll get a chance to test it some time.. until then.. feel free to pick holes in it if you like.. give suggestions and all that :)



Could move the twilight power further up the combat order, so that it happened after the damage roll but before you could benefit from effects which run off damage.
-- Darloth

Possibly, but it still combos way too nicely with EGT, even if it takes out willpower regen.. I just don't like it at all personally.. .. and I'd like to see an alternative to it FluffySquirrel

Actually.. one other thing that I just thought of.. was that probably the normal combo rules could be disregarded as well.. would make bulwark stance and such useful.. or at least.. maybe disallow combos using scene longs, but allow turn longs... FluffySquirrel

See Telgar/Solars for a nice Twilight anima ability. Simple to deal with, and not too ridiculous. -- GregLink