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Hi all, finally I have a few reasonable type things to contribute after all the great ideas I've borrowed from wonderful people on sites like this!! Artifacts, Hearthstones, plot lines, characters, you name it it'll go up here as and when I think of it...sort of an "Exalted Journal". Hey, it saves inflicting it on anyone and everyone reading my LJ, most of them already think I'm insane and don't need more proof!


Kiss of the Storm
Circlet of the Self Inviolate


Solar Martial Arts


Ephemeral Exalted

Deities and Demons


This (Kiss of the Storm) looks not too bad at a (very brief, and without references) glance. Two suggestions:

  1. Indicate whether this is statted for Power Combat or Standard Combat, (and possibly give stats for the other),
  2. Post this at Artifacts/FaeWitch so that it can be accessed using the WikiContent and Artifacts pages, (also update Artifacts so that there is a link to Artifacts/FaeWitch).

Keep up the good work! ^_^ -Suzume

Thanks Suzume, I was just trying to figure that part out....very new to the whole Wiki thing...I'll take your suggestions on board. ~FaeWitch