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Home Brewed Lunar Charms

Rhino-Hide Meditation

Cost: None
Duration: Permanent
Type: Special
Minimum Stamina: 1
Minimum Essence: 1
Pre-requisite Charms: None

This Charm, Like Ox-Body Meditation, is a static effect, though instead of granting health levels, Rhino-Hide Meditation provides additional soak to the player’s character. For each level of Rhino-Hide Meditation, the Lunar gains 1 Aggravated Soak 1 Lethal and 1 Bashing, 4 Lethal Soak, or 3 Lethal Soak and 3 bashing Soak. The Exalt may purchase this charm as many times as they have points of Stamina. Like other Lunar Soak rules, this added Soak cannot raise their natural Soak above 12. Any extra points carry over into Oversoak.

Eternal Affinity of the Imbued Essences

Cost: None
Duration: Permanent
Type: Special
Minimum Wits: 1
Minimum Essence: 1
Pre-Requisite Charms: None

Though Artifacts provide great advantages in life or battle, they are taxing to the essence reserves of a Lunar. Eternal Affinity of the Imbued Essences grants power that can be used simply for attuning artifacts. For each level of Eternal Affinity of the Imbued Essences the Lunar gains either two free motes that can only be used to commit artifacts, or six motes that can be used to commit only artifacts made from Moonsilver.

Empowering Embodiment of the Tricksters Children

Cost: None
Duration: Permanent.
Type: Special
Minimum Caste Attribute: 5
Minimum Essence: 3
Pre-requisite Charms

When Luna is pleased with her children, it shows. While using the blessings of their lady, the mighty become mightier, the deft become defter, and the hardy become hardier. The articulate become more so, the imposing become influential, and the pretty become beautiful. The bright become wise, the clever become cunning, and the acute become omniscient. For the rest of the scene once the Lunar has activated their anima ability, when making a roll using a caste attribute, if the roll is not a botch, the Lunar gains one additional success on the roll. In addition, during this time, Lunars may shift from to form for a single mote, not three. To use the Deadly Beastman Transformation charm, the usual five motes must be spent.

Glorious Recuperation Method

Cost: 1 mote
Duration: Varies
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Stamina: 5
Minimum Essence: 3
Pre-Requisite Charms: Luna’s Fortitude

Though Luna’s Fortitude is capable of extending life past the point of death, it is not necessarily enough to save the life of the lunar using it. If the Lunar is spent, he is limited to a very short time to live, and doing so costs him more essence and willpower to do so, possibly leaving him lacking in the capability to heal to a safe level. Glorious Recuperation Method solves this, and other, problems.

When using this charm, the Lunar falls into an essence inspired coma, from which nothing can rouse him, save their complete recovery. At the time of activation, the Lunar sacrifices all temporary essence, and regains it at a uniform rate of a single mote per day spent in this trance. While in this coma, the lunar, regardless of form, heals at their normal human form rate, and does not gain any healing bonuses from Hearthstones. Reflexive healing charms, such as Halting the Scarlet Flow, may be used to help the healing process along, once the essence required has been regained.

The Lunar may also fall far below the normal amount of negative health levels before true death. The limit they have is their Stamina X 10, instead of the more normal amount equal to their stamina.

A Lunar will under no circumstance wake early from this trance, and they are unable to react to anything while succumbed thusly. They must be fully healed before they are able to wake. While under this trance, it appears in all ways as though the Lunar is dead. The essence released at the time of activation appears to be the Lunars soul leaving their body for all that can perceive such things, and the only sign that this is not true is the incredibly slow process of healing, which may be observed if careful scrutiny is applied.

Upon waking, the Lunar is disorientated and groggy for the period of 24 hours, in which they are at a -3 dice penalty to all actions.

Reincarnation of the Protean Blessed

Cost: 5 Experience at time of Charm Activation
Duration: Instant
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Essence: 5
Minimum Stamina: 5
Pre-Requisite Charms: Glorious Recuperation Method

To her greatest warriors, the Silver Lady may bestow a gift more potent than that of the Exaltation, the gift of life itself. Luna herself must address the Lunar, and lay a single kiss on his caste mark, which will glow uncontrollably for a full lunar cycle. The essence required to fuel this charm is granted at the time of anointment.

When the Lunar dies, their body collapses, falls, and lays still for a single turn. The body is nothing more than a corpse, though no necrotic effects nor will essence manipulation cause any change to it. Over the following turn the body crumbles and melts to nothing more than a puddle of viscera. When the collapse is final, a swirling cloud of silver-white essence swirls around the remains, and coalesces into the visage of the Lunar as he was at the time of Exaltation, pristine, without scars or mutilations. The remains of the body float up in particles and droplets, recoalescing, forming into the image they are superimposing.

The price for this gift is a point of Permanent Essence, forever lost after the Lunars Rebirth. Any charms that had an essence cost higher than the Lunars new total are lost until the Lunar raises his essence again, and repurchases the charms at their normal experience cost.

When the reconstruction is complete, the Lunar stands again, in the shape and age they were at the time of their Exaltation, though their tattoos remain and their tell is appropriate for the current number of Beastman Transformation levels they have, and the Lunar’s Temporary Willpower and Essence pools are fully restored. Like the Rune of Singular Hate, this ability will never be able to be used more than once, as the Silver Lady will never grant the ability to survive as such to one that did not manage it.


  • Rhino Hide is an interesting idea but you should base it on Ox-Body, giving a basic value to one of the soak values. For example, the basic is 4 bashing. 2 bashing can convert to 1 Lethal and 2 Lethal to 1 Agg. Then you'd have different spreads. 1 Agg, 2 Lethal, 1 Lethal 2 Bashing, 4 Bashing. And it's more balanced then the current version.
  • Eternal Affinity mayneed to be rebalanced number-wise. At most I'd offer double for Moonsilver, not tripple.
  • Empowering Embodiment is clumsy and just generally not very helpful. Its a permanent, free Charm that won't count as an activation but only activates when you burn Essence anyway. Why not just give it a cost and make it a scenelong? Other then that, it looks fine.
  • Reincarnation is a nice idea, but I don't find it particularly Lunar. I'd certainly rework te cost. 5 XP at time of activation in addition to the Essence costs. Charms never have extra XP cost when you buy them.
- Telgar

I agree fully with some of the screwy-ness on some of these, though I do have reasoning behind some of it. The reason I made Rhino-Hide different for Lunars is because Lunars have the Soak max that other types (While they normally couldn't reach the cap) don't cannonically have. That's why I let the Lunars get away with more here, because after a certain point it doesn't matter to them.

For Eternal affinity, I gave the lunars a relitivly small generic amount, and a much higher Moonsilver amount because of the instances in the Lunar and main books where it says that the Lunars are more covetous of their material than other Exalts are about their kind. This makes, in my mind, a kinship between them and Moonsilver.

Empowering Embodyment was supposed to be "Anima Ability" not "Anima Banner". It has been corrected.

Reincarnation has also been changed. I wrote that one and I havn't looked at it since, really. When I did a little more proofreading I noticed the same screwyness. I've done my best to smooth it out. Let me know what you think this time. -EndlessChase

11/13/04 - Made slight change to values in Rhino-Hide. -EndlessChase