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Gathering Storm Throw</b>

 <b>Cost: 3 motes per attempt
 Type: Reflexive
 Duration: Instant
 Min Thrown: 5
 Min Essence: 3
 Pre-Requisite Charms: Persistant Hornet Attack, Crosswind Empowerment Technique (AB: Air)

Like the wind, the weapons of the Children of Mela are deceptive. A seemingly gentle breeze can turn into a gale-force blast with little warning, and this Charm allows the Dragon Blooded to emulate that effect. The Exalt may reroll a number of failed dice from his attack pool equal to his Ability + Specialty. All of the rerolls must be made before the defensive action is declared, though the cost may be paid as many times as desired. No more total successes can be gained from this Charm than the Dragon-Blood's Ability + Specialty total, no matter how many times the cost is paid.

For example, Mnemon Devek (Dex 5, Thrown 5 (Knives +2)) rolls his attack pool of 14 (including accuracy bonus) and only scores five successes. Knowing that this attack is critical, he pays three motes and rerolls seven dice. On this second roll, he gains three more successes. He pays again and rolls four dice (since he can't reroll more total dice than his Ability + Specialty), for another success. If he wished, he could keep paying until all possible dice were successes, but such an attack would almost certainly drain his Essence pool.

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Comments, Suggestions, or Flames

Um. How is that different that simply doubling the dice pool, save that it's not limited by the Ability + Specialty cap? Also, how does it interact with other supplemental charms, etc? Finally, why is it basically Cascade of Cutting Terror, except without the undodgeability?\\ Also, it seems massively more efficent than the normal dice adders. DS

I agree with DS, this looks heavily overpowered. Especially since a strict reading of the Charm allows you to use another Charm to double your dice pool, and then double it again with Wind-Hammer Throw. And it's not even Simple! - Quendalon

My original intention was to come up with some examples of the corebook idea that DB's had Charms that do this--roll twice and add together. Unfortunately, since I didn't have any examples from the corebook...and with your criticism, I can see now why there might not be any. You're right, DS. It is basically the same as doubling the dice pool. Maybe I would be better off going with the other concept for a Charm I had...perhaps that is less overpowered? Still wavering on whether the other Charms should have to be paid for again.-Dorchadas

Hm. I think, closer to the core book's intent (and the mechanic I really wanted to see in the DB schtik, but that wasn't really there), allow them to reroll failed dice, up to their Ability + Speciality. Rather than reroll entirely, pay three motes to reroll up to that many failed dice. Any failures above your threshold were forever out of reach. This could be continued indefinitely- after all, it intrinsicly gets less efficent each time. (So, it I'm maxed out, throwing a Chakram with a +2 Accuracy, I roll 15 dice to hit. Of these, I can reroll up to 8 failures. I can then reroll up to 8 failures of those rerolled dice with this Charm's use again. And so on.) DS

  • nods* That's a pretty good idea, and it would take the problem of whether they have to pay for the other Charms in a combo...I think I'll go with that. Thanks for all your advice, DS and Quendalon! -Dorchadas