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Jade Cubical Method
Cost: 3m 1wp Mins: Bureaucracy 5, Essence 3 Type: reflexive
Keywords: Combo-Ok
Duration: One-Scene
Prerequisite Charms: Testing the Waters, Drowning in Negotiation Style
The Dragon-Blooded sections herself off from those who would interrupt or sabotage her important works.
For 3 motes 1 willpower the Dragon-Blooded may ignore external penalties to her Bureaucracy for the duration of the scene (such noisy rooms, unsuitable work environments etc).
At essence 4 the Dragon-Blooded may spend 10 motes to literally separate herself from distraction by raising a cubical of elemental essence (This often appears as a manifestation of their element making the charm's effect obvious.) While at work inside this cubicle, she may ignore all external distractions, up to [Charm user's Essence] of internal penalties, and works at [Essence]x normal speed.

notes and comments

I can't take full credit for this one DualMegami was the inspiration and Nekomimi-Maiden for the secondary effect.

I like it, but what happens if someone tries to enter into or break through the cubicle or directly interupt the user? Probably a bit much to ask but it would be sort of cool if each different aspect had slightly different variations. An earth aspect with a wall of stone around would be harder to get to, whereas someone trying to interupt a fire might take a bit of damage perhaps? Andrix