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Flame Refutes Water

 Cost: 4 motes
 Duration: One scene
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Athletics: 4
 Minimum Essence: 3
 Prerequisite Charms: Flawless Balance Discipline

Against onrushing waves or a deluge from above, fire does not attempt to weather the deluge; it retreats back to safer ground, shirking the water that would otherwise drown it. Drawing upon this inspiration, the Dragon-Blooded focuses his Essence to repel water; whenever a part of his body would land upon it, it is propelled back instead. This means he can hop deftly across the surface of the ocean or use puddles as springboards, but is likewise unable to dip beneath the water's surface for even a moment. Activating this Charm underwater is a painful and ultimately fruitless exercise, and when used in a rainstorm the Dragon-Blooded will flicker between raindrops with immaculate but unbecoming speed. In both situations, the Charm applies an effective mobility penalty equal to the Terrestrial's permanent Essence, that cannot be reduced by Charms.


I just noticed, on revision of the other Charms, that Darius Solluman had pretty much the same idea. Hope you enjoy this variant regardless...DeathBySurfeit

What are the actual mechanic effects if used when it's raining? Does the character suffer any damage or dice penalties if done underwater? ~ Seiraryu

Added them! I thought a mobility penalty would be most apt, given the restriction on movement entailed...DeathBySurfeit
While i like the penalty, thematically speaking, I also think that the unbecoming way in which the Exalt moves under the rain should apply some sort of penalty or something in opponents. How freaky would it to see someone coming at you that flicker-flashes from raindrop to raindrop?! Mwahah! Just a suggestions... ~ Seiraryu
Hmm. Freaky, yes, but nothing particularly disruptive to combat, as the person would remain in the same general position. As all but the most terrifying of foes lack a penalty for being so, I'd leave it at the 'creepy' level. Ultimately, I wanted the conditions to act as a restriction on the Charm (as many DB Athletics Charms tend to have caveats on their use), and giving them a bonus instead would kinda defeat that purpose...DeathBySurfeit
M'kay! Your call! It's a cool Charm, though. ~ Seiraryu