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When asked about her past, Dove demurely states that she simply can not remember the lies nor the memories tied to those deceptions. The only recollections she has gleaned from dreams hint at her being of the Realm, and she speaks the language of High Realm with a native's accent. The Dragonblooded maiden has stated that she does not honestly care. Her world now is that of her beloved master and husband-to-be, the Ebon Dragon.

Before Dove, there was Eva, the youngest daughter of the Scarlet Empress herself. The princess of the Earth was aloof and brave, an intelligent woman who took careful risks after weighing them. However, she got more than she bargained for after listening to one of her siblings. One of her older sisters, Mnemon, subtly mentioned the Imperial Manse and how their imperial Mother would enter it from time to time and its treasures. For months, Eva pondered a way to get in, and took her chance when she spotted the Scarlet Empress entering the manse. The Fire-Aspect trailed behind her dame, but was discovered, and chased. The girl fled with her mother at her heels, and for once in her life, she cried out for help as she got hopelessly lost in the Manse, and found herself in a bizarre hallway that sealed itself once she entered it, knowing this was the result of her pleadings. Without any knowledge of the occult, she did not realize she was within Malfeas, and was quickly captured by the Ebon Dragon, and embraced in his coils.

Within his coils, Eva's memories were torn away and her virtues melted as the Yozi taught her of the hell of Malfeas and turning her into a perfect vessel to assist in the redemption of Creation. He left her appearance almost unchanged, to maintain an innocent mask, but her lips were blessed with his gift of lies and his talons grasped her heart, courting her into, of all things, love for her captor and future master.

Once the now-nameless Dragonblooded stepped out of his coils, it became apparent when she would become; the Yozi's bride, his Dragonblooded Dove, as he had called her during the time of her molding, and his will in Creation. The Akuma maiden serves quietly, and happily, both rejoicing in her love, and despairing at Creation's betrayal, the fire that burns the truth into Creation's eyes and heart.


Dove is a vision of unearthly beauty, with long, long white hair that twists and flickers as if it is made of living colorless fire as it falls to her knees, reddish-amber eyes sparkles with a gentle inner light, and rich bronze skin, as if she was forever in the glow of a warm fire. Often, she is dressed in a dull black breastplate that cups her breasts and hugs her figure to her hips, where black and flame-colored skirts flare out to her calves, where black leather boots protect her feet. Her arms are also covered completely in the same fiery hues, with a black ribbon running down the sleeves and making a pretty bow on her wrists, just below heavy black bracers, before the fabric goes on to just barely cover her hands. She also wears a white cloak with a black hood, both with the faintest stitching of scales on them. Dove normally has a polite, demure smile on her lips, easily seen from under her hood, and her voice is kind and gentle, full of love.

Dove is as sweet as she appears, but her love for Creation is for it to return to its creators, and to make amends to them for her ancestors’ betrayal. When alone with other Infernals within Creation, she openly weeps in despair for the world’s fallen state. She is easily consoled for the most part; tears do nothing to fix things. In her rage, she is almost silent, her emotions displayed by her anima and her daiklaive.

Within Malfeas, shielded from the burning eye of the treacherous Incarna known as the Unconquered Sun that burns her flesh, as she is of the Dragon and his shadows, Dove wears very little more than a black and white skirt, her breastplate, and her cloak, carrying a basket of flowers picked from Creation or playing a flute as she wanders the city. The flowers she gives to demons, the music she plays for all of the Yozis and their souls to sooth them as she seeks a third-circle soul of her beloved fiance. Her anima only betrays her akuma status during high expenditures of essence, where the bonfire around her blazes into pure shadows, with an halo of a rainbow of blacks surrounding her, and her hair surrounding her like a bridal veil.

The Basics

Name: Dove
Concept: The Ebon Dragon’s Akuma Bride
Aspect: Fire
Motivation: Free her Husband from the Bonds of Malfeas
Intimacies: Her husband, the freedom of the Yozis, Flowers, Distrust of non-Infernal Exalts

Attributes and Abilities

2 Strength
3 Dexterity
3 Stamina
4 Charisma
5 Manipulation
5 Appearance
3 Perception
3 Intelligence
3 Wits

Athletics 3
Dodge 3
Melee 4
Presence 4
Socialize 3
Performance 4
Integrity 4
Bureaucracy 3
Lore 3
Linguistics 3 (High Realm, Old Realm, Low Realm, Riverspeak)
Martial Arts 1
Archery 1
Ride 1
Stealth 2
War 1

2 Melee: Daiklaives
2 Presence: Demons
2 Performance: Flutes

Backgrounds and Tempers

Breeding 5
Resources 2
Manse 3 (Solar Manse, Gem of Grace)
Manse 4 (Earth Manse, Adamant Skin)
Artifacts 1 (Malfean Black Lead Breastplate)
Artifacts 2 (Jade Reaper Daiklaive)
Artifacts 2 (Black Lead Hearthstone Bracers)
Retainers 1
Influence 4
Demon Treasures 4
Infernal Command 2
Patron 5 (Automatic, Ebon Dragon)
Inheritance 5 (Automatic)

5 Compassion
4 Conviction
2 Temperance
3 Valor

8 Willpower

04 Essence
17/17 Personal
30/41 Peripheral
11 Committed

-0, -1, -1, -2, -2, -4, X


The Dragon's Embrace, Malfean Black Lead Breastplate
(MM bonus not added yet)
Soak: +7L/5B, Hardness 8L/8B, Mobility -0, Fatigue 0, Concealable under heavy jacket or cloak.

Black Lead Hearthstone Bracers
Black Lead
Three-die bonus to dodge attempts

The Cleansing Kiss of the Shadowed Coils, Jade Reaper Daiklaive
Speed 3, Accuracy +4, Damage +8L, Defense +1, Rate 3

All three of these artifacts were gifts from the Ebon Dragon, the breastplate made in the shape of his scales and crafted to caress Dove's curves as his hands and talons do. The bracers are smooth and heavy looking, but she wears them as if they are just ribbons around her forearms. The red jade daiklaive is an artifact a demon of the Ebon Dragon's line had stolen into Malfeas, and it was that creature who had gifted her with a sword fitting her stature.


Name: The Cavern of Songs Made Into Scales
Aspect: Earth
Level: 4
Location: In the heart of the Southern Deserts
Produces: Gem of Adamant Skin
The Caverns of Songs Made Into Scales. A manse in the South, this place has reminded fairly intact. Demons roam this place as well, but it has a defense of its own, allowing its hearthstone bearer to control the echoes as a defensive tool. It also is sometimes the home of a Yozi cult in the name of the Ebon Dragon, that has a habit of falling into an orgy of violence. Any other cult that comes is left alone until Dove comes to the Manse, where she ends their arrogant lives by her blade.
Powers: Invisible Theft, Veil of Shadows, Minor Trick (Hearthstone bearer can manipulate echoes within the manse, silencing them or moving them to different places), Pasiap's Buried Whiskers.

Name: Shattered Mirror of the Sun
Aspect: Solar
Level: 3
Location: North of Nexus
Produces: Gem of Grace
The Shattered Mirror of the Sun is a Solar manse that caps a gate to Malfeas deep in the East. It was once a beautiful spire of glass and orichalicum, but the Dragonblooded took her daiklaive to every reflection, singing and laughing and weeping. The manse is now defended by a handful of demons and gardens that they tend to, allowing blossoms and their perfume to run wild. Every mirror is shattered, and no one has bothered to clean it up.
Powers: Otherworld Gate (to Malfeas, 5 points), Comfort Zone (1), Magicial Conveniences (1, Gardens that only need pruning, lanterns light up when someone enters, glass can become opaque and protect against light), Minor Traps (Shards of broken mirror shards all over the manse, other than the gardens, razor sharp. A successful dexterity + [performance (dance) or dodge] roll at difficulty 2 allows you not to take damage by walking at a normal pace. If failed, the character takes 1L for every 15 yards walking a normal pace) Drawbacks: Fragility (1, gives two points, the Shattered Mirror is made mostly made of glass, with orichalcum making the framework)

Charms and Sorcery

Socialize: First Socialize Excellency, Sweeten-the-Tap Method, Jade Defense
Presence: Glowing Coal Radiance, Auspicious First Meeting Attitude
Melee: Dragon-Graced Weapon
Dodge: First Dodge Excellency, Threshold Warding Stance, Safety Among Enemies
Performance: Invisible Street Performer Technique

None for the time being


Jade Reaper Daiklaive
Speed 3, Accuracy +4, Damage +8L, Defense +1, Rate 3

3 Join Battle (wits + awareness)
6 Dodge DV [(dex + dodge + Essence)/2 - mobility penalty], round up, adding bracers
4 Parry DV [(dex + ability + defense)/2], round up (5, with Daiklaives)
Armor Penalties (Black Lead Breastplate)
-0 Mobility Penalty
0 Fatigue Value
8 Bashing (stamina + armor)
8 Lethal (1/2 stamina (round down) + armor)
7 Aggravated (armor)
8 Bashing
8 Lethal
3 Move (dex - mobility penalty yards/tick)
9 Dash (dex + 6 - mobility penalty)
4 Jump (strength + athletics - mobility penalty)
Social Defense Values
8 Dodge MDV [(Willpower + Integrity + specialty + Essence)/2], round down
6 Parry MDV [(Charisma or Manipulation) + Ability + speciality]/2, round up, Hearthstone added

Merits and Flaws

Ordination of Lies (5)
True Love (3)

Unusual Appearance (1, feathery, snow-white hair that flickers like fire)
Amnesia (2) (Everything before Akumadom)
Unbidden Oracle (1)
Secrets (3, The youngest daughter of the Empress, should be dead, now Akuma)
Sun-Seared (2)

Bonus and Experience Points

15 (the starting points)
7 (Social Attributes)
3 (Breeding 5)
0 (Manse)

Patron points
15 (Demonic Treasures)
14 (Infernal Command)
7 (Manse)
5 (Artifact 2)
0 (Influence)

39 (Flaws)
31 (merits)
19 (Virtues)
15 (Manipulation)
12 (Favored Specialties)
9 (Stamina)
5 (Favored Abilities)
1 (Appearance)
0 (Retainers)

10 (Session 1)
20 (Session 2)
15 (Integrity 4)
6 (Dodge Charm)
14 (Session 3)
18 (Writings)
0 (Dodge Charms)
10 (Session 4)
12 (The Session THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN D:)
4 (Compassion 5)
14 (Session 5)
24 (Session 6)
4 (Manipulation 6, starting Session 8)
1 (Athletics 3)

Character Notes and Extras

Theme Songs

  • Normal: Eva, She Is My Sin, both by Nightwish, The deadite girls gone wild, by Lordi
    • Battle: Though The Fires And Flames, by Dragonforce
    • Demonic Jam Sessions: Dove Meadow, The Violet Flame, both by Jeff Victor
  • Ebon Dragon's Themes: Dargor, Shadowlord Of The Black Mountain, by Rhapsody,
    • Relationship: Snow White Queen, by Evanescence, It Snows In Hell, Would You Love a Monsterman both by Lordi
      • Teatime: Taking Tea in Dreamland from the soundtrack to American McGee's Alice.

Peanut Gallery

Much love for Dove, and kudos for using American McGee's Alice soundtrack.... ~ the Haku that lurks

Pretty~ Love how you took the canon bits from a new perspective and wove them into your charm so seamlessly! ~GoldenCat