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This is DonQuijote's personal page.


Just a brief introduction may be in order. I'm a recent graduate of the University of Texas with a penchant for foreign languages. I'm also a big freaking geek, though something of a newbie to many of the concepts 'round here, never having been really big on most tabletop RPGs, though Exalted managed to attract my attention nicely. And when something attracts, I tend to get bad ideas related to it. So I decided to put this page together to keep all those bad ideas in one place, where I can keep my eye on them.


This is probably what you're here for. Give it a look, and tell me what you think. I really like getting feedback, as it tends to be the only way that my bad ideas become good ideas. So don't be too rough on me, but give me some ideas, eh? Also, I'll confess right now...most of these are blatantly ripped off of some anime or manga series, since that's where my geekdom tends to lay first and foremost.


Lázaro de Tormes - A megalomaniacal merchant from Nexus, currently a character in BrilliantRain's game.

Blinding Light - A Firewand-weilding Twilight from Skullstone who fixes ships while plotting revenge.

Martial Arts

I tried putting together a Martial Arts style based on that used by the baddies in the latest saga of the manga series One Piece. See MartialArts/SixMethodsStyle


Another manga-based project, I've been working on weapons based on the Soul-Cutting swords from the series Bleach. Page forthcoming.


Given that you are going to be running a game soon, why not put up a sub-page devoted to it that people can check and stuff? Something likeDonQuijote/CavernsOfTheSouthCampaign

Added your character for my new game.

Hook 'em, Horns. - David. :)