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Hello! This is my new Exalted Wiki page, on which, eventually will be material involving lunars, Alchemicals and some new sorts of exalts. Hopefully I'll have some nice material up in a few weeks, once I've figured out more about the Wiki.

NewLunarCharms : Some charms based on GoldenCat and his lunar work.

TranscendentMortals : A new form of super charged mortals-- halfway between mortal and exalted these paragons of humanity hold the line in the world of exalted.

ExaltedAscendent : Another alternate exalted setting!

TheGodFactory : Showing that Lunars can match the Solars in the Mad science/sorcery category...

MoonsilverWarriors : Clad in Moonsilver, these warriors serve their lunar creators...



CharlesGray/EmpireoftheMoon : What if it had been a LUNAR to use the sword of creation....

CharlesGray/MoonBackgrounds : New and Unusual Backgrounds for the Empire of the Moon.


These should probably be subpages from this your main page rather then full out pages. You can see an example of how you make them subpages at the bottom which I added. Remember though that you can't have subpages of subpages. - BogMod