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by JesseLowe

The Abyssals book gives guidelines on constructing a Deathlord as a character, but doesn't help much when it comes to writing up a character sheet. The only one officially statted up is MaskOfWinters (main rulebook, p. 302), and later developments make that sheet seem not only inadequate but under-powered as well. A suggested procedure for statting up a Deathlord (requires Exalted: The Abyssals) for all the other stat-fascists out there:

Ah, note that full stats are provided for the FirstAndForsakenLion in Exalted: the Autochthonians. And compared to him, the Mask of Winters is a mewling kitten, I'm serious. --Prions
  1. They live in glory. Build the Deathlord as a First Age Solar (but don't worry about Backgrounds). Standard creation process from the main book plus, like, a gazillion XP. Anybody care to contribute some round numbers?
  2. They die. Strip out all Solar powers, including the ability to use Solar Charms (though not the knowledge of those Charms). Eclipse caste Solars might still know non-Solar Charms, at your discretion. Add as many Spirit Charms or Arcanoi as you see fit... but not too many. Also, keep their Favored Skills and Caste Skills as favored.
  3. They cut a deal with the Neverborn. For every Solar Charm the Exalt knew, add a corresponding Abyssal Charm. Plus, if they knew Solar Circle Sorcery, they gain the ability to use it again. They may or may not gain the Abyssal version of their Caste Anima ability -- I'd say no. They gain the Deathlord abilities described on p. 84
  4. "Life" as an undead monstrosity.
    1. Add in those Backgrounds! Don't use these as strict limits, just as shortcuts on the character sheet to represent what the Deathlord's likely to have access to. This is especially true with Artifact, Followers, Command, or Resources... Every Deathlord should probably have Whispers at 5+, but their connection to the Malfeans might also be represented by the Liege background. I'd suggest taking Liege separately for each Malfean to whom the Deathlord is sworn -- no more than three, apparently. Allies is unlikely to have much meaning, but you might use it to represent the Deathlord's Abyssals and other powerful servants.
    2. Spend experience! First, give the character around 1,500 years worth of XP, using the guidelines in the Player's Guide. The Deathlord is a ghost, so use the ghost experience costs.
  5. Add in whatever else you see fit -- odd powers that the Deathlord developed, etc. This would be a good time to consider the Deathlord's special weakness, the one means by which he may be destroyed forever (short of tossing him into the Mouth of Oblivion), if you're using that idea.
  6. Calculate derived values: Essence pool (as a ghost), health levels (a lot), attacks (Fist, Kick, Clinch, plus weapons and special attacks)
  7. Done! A fearsome but beatable foe or lord for your players.

Note that using this method, you could also build, say, Lunar or Sidereal Deathlords...


The, They cut a deal with the Neverborn., section is highly debatable.