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To Rule The World >=D

Not really, I promise >_>. This is my little page dedicated to my little adventures in the Exalted games that I play in (which I must say is quite a few). I am currently in a total of two tabletop games, 3 forum games and one ExaltedMUSH that is always looking for more players, ExaltedMUSHWebsite . (I play lots of Exalted).

The characters I am currently playing throughout all of my exalted games are as follows:

Cathak Cainan Dalen: A well known Fire Aspect who seeks to become a military leader but is instead a member of the Thousand Scales. Great Grandson of Cathak Cainan.

Silent River: A first coil mortal enchanter of the Immaculate Order.

Unfettered Desire: The daughter of a Bloody Hand and a merchant of the Guild.

Gale of Delight: A wandering bardic Eclipse whose songs move hearts, souls, and jade coins.

Kirean Soltharus (Wraith): A Dawn caste mercenary from Nexus.

Assassin of the Sun's Warmth: A Day caste assassin/spy for Walker in Darkness who is currently spying on the dealings of two of the First and Forsaken Lion's Deathknights.

Luna's War Cry: A Lunar Full Moon of the Tyrant Lizard who travels with an entourage of beastmen, most of them his own children.

Dayis Dawnreaver: Well, this is the funny one, I am actually playing him in 3 different games and he is in two different incarnations.

First Incarnation: A Midnight Necromancer whom desires world domination and is willing to lie, cheat, kill and use the corpses of the fallen to do it.

Second Incarnation: An Eclipse who has been shunned from his hometown and was taken under the wing of a Deathlord and made to hate humanity. He is the quintessential wizard, trained expertly in Sorcery and Necromancy and now travels the world battling his Solar shards inherent pull to good and does so by looking for the worth in men.

I am also apparently a good GM of Dragon-Bloods for I am running a Primary School Dragon-Blooded game that is quite fun for both me and the players. The basic idea of the game is that the newly exalted DBs have petitioned to go to a school with less mortals to make it 'fair' for the mortals in grading competitions. They have taken a test, which they passed, and have been sent to a school where they must compete to be the best team in the school for many different benefits and to have a /much/ higher chance of getting into the secondary school of their choice. Thus far the assortment of characters is an amazingly creative group played by some of the best Exalted players in town.

Ledaal Kebak Jalen: And Air Aspect who looks to join the Heptagram from the calls in her blood and soul.

Ledaal Kebak Hakal: A Demon-Blooded Earth Aspect who seeks redemption for his soul and seeks to do so in the Cloister of Wisdom.

V'neef Oray: The ambitions Water Aspect Fang Leader of the group who seeks to join the Spiral Academy.

Nellens Devrik: The Air Aspect jack of all trades and one of two living Nellens Dragon-Bloods at the moment who also seeks power at the Heptagram.

Weird Crap I've Come Up With On Exalted Highs

DayisDawnreaver/DowsingTheFire - Spirit Charm for suppressing emotions.

DayisDawnreaver/CallingthePhantomLegion - Solar Performance Charm.

DayisDawnreaver/RayofDisruption - Terrestrial level unattunement spell.

DayisDawnreaver/SeveranceofMysticalAttunement - Celestial level area of effect unattunement spell.

DayisDawnreaver/NecroticRavagingofMagiks - A spell to take care of your opponents nasty little toys.

Journals of Domination

This is where I will record noteworthy games that I feel like putting into stone.

DayisDawnreaver/Aldea - The magical setting of Aldea, made Exalted for the first time.