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WelcomeToExaltedWiki! This is a WikiWikiWebsite devoted to WhiteWolf Games' excellent game, Exalted. It's easy to walk around the site and read, but the real fun of a wiki comes when you contribute. If you need help, QuickStartGuide and WhatIsAWiki both have valuable information and links to get you on the right track. Once you feel comfortable and have a UserPages, feel free to contribute! If you see an unwritten link, write it! If you have some material or a cool campaign to publish, hang it off your UserPages! Heck, if you catch a spelling mistake, fix it! Everything is fair game, that's the beauty if wiki.

Most importantly, have fun.


  • 8/11/03 Working on the site. Since I can't add CSS div tags (because PerlLooksLikeAGoddamnedBlizzard) I am adjusting the stylesheet to give us some formatting controls. Basically, I'll add css links to the useless headers, like header5 and beyond, which web browsers don't define. H5 does that centered link bar. I'll probably make h6 and h7 for floating images left and right. I'll make H10 a cool feature, fixed positioning.
  • 8/10/03 Sadly, WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet in terms of UseModWiki. I added a small patch to make it so we can break lines with a \\ at the end of them. A new version of UseModWiki will be out early next month so we'll upgrade then and hopefully we'll have a better time of things.

User Updates

<i>Anyone is allowed to mention a cool wiki node the find here, or a new one they are making. However, in the interests of page loading and server load, let' s not have more than 30, okay?

  • Charms are somewhat unusal as text entities. To see how one might format them check out Killed's excellent GamblingCharms, which are formatted a few ways that make charms readable.
  • Sabis suggested that we have a UserPages section. Add your UserPages to the list there.
  • Sabis reminded me to point out Discussions, where you should link your new Discussions pages. Remember, if you see a discussion that hasn't been touched for awhile, feel free to move its link over to the old discussions section. I dunno what notation people prefer.
  • I think we should begin compiling unofficial and official erata into one place, ErrataLinks. I'm tired of having to re-ask people for stuff, like the ArtifactCreationErrata.
  • I'd also like to remind people who are new here to check out WhatIsAWiki and TextFormattingRules.
  • I also am making a "PreviewMaterial" page. I posted PreviewMaterial/SiderealFiction
  • Introducing the fledgling InCharacter page, what will soon become a repository of in character gaming (hopefully)
  • The index for custom creations can be found on the front page.\\

I hope you all enjoy this site!