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Vengeful Dream (Starmetal-and-Skin Gossamer Glove) [Artifact ●●●●]
Contains two 'sockets' that can hold either Cysts or Hearthstones
Gives the Starmetal Magical Material Bonus to all unarmed and armed attacks.
Commitment Cost: 5 motes

Blood and Glory: The wearer may draw from the sites of Creation-Born battles as if they were Wyld Waypoints.

Vengeful Skies: The wearer feels the pull of blood-splattered vengeance! When struck, they twist the skies, bringing retribution to their foe! Lighting falls, winds pull, everything spurs with the cadence of battles the strikes of the character! Reduce the Target Number on all attacks, damage and intimidation rolls against one that has damaged the wearer by 1.

Red Mist: Curling hand into a fist and spending 10 motes the wearer draws the power of Vengeful Sky’s blood, animating it and spreading it as a Red Mist upon the battlefield, falling over everything like thick moisture, twisting their fates as much as those of the wayward Sidereal. All Creation-Born within 20 yards of the wearer when this power is used receive +1 difficulty to all their actions, and the wearer can affect them with greater ease – dealing Aggravated Damage with his attacks or forcing them to make an appropriate Virtue roll whenever he uses a Social Action that has more successes than their Essence.

Mela's Gossamer Prison (Wyld Artifact 'Clothing') [Artifact ●●●●]
Armor Aspect: 3L/3B, does not count as armor for martial arts purposes
Weapon Aspect: Speed +2, Accuracy +2, Damage +2L, Defense +2, Rate as per limb
Contains two 'sockets' that can hold either Cysts or Hearthstones
Commitment Cost: 10 motes

Pure, Driven Snow: Impossible to dirty, soil or otherwise sully
Memory of Owl: May use Style dice freely, no matter the level of Wyld taint
Memory of Serpent: Can reshape itself at user's whim, but limited material means attire is often indecent at the least.
Boon of Evasion: +3 dice to dodging shaping attacks when attuned and holding a Cyst, and +3 dice to dodging normal attacks when holding a Hearthstone.

Mahabali's Glory-Eating Grasp: After successfully striking a target with an unarmed action, the user may (as a Reflexive action) opt to spend a point each of gossamer and willpower before rolling Essence + Heart against a difficulty of the target's Essence. Should this succeed, a millstone of jealous Wyld Essence links to the target's own pattern, weighing down their glory -- they feel a chill run down their spine, and the unshakable sensation that something is perched on their soul, waiting for another mouthful of sweet, shining glory.

For the remainder of the scene, the target's stunting capability is weakened -- on a successful stunt, the target can either gain the reward of additional dice or motes/willpower, not both. Raksha affected by this power also cannot use Style dice or unleash Wyld Stunts. Only one target may be affected at a time, and switching targets frees the previous victim. This is a work of Glamour, and has no effect against targets whose Willpower + Essence exceeds the user's Willpower.

Snow Monkey's Excessive Scarf (Gossamer armor; chain swathing basis) [Gossamer ●●●●]
11 Lethal / 14 Bashing soak, 0 Mobility and Fatigue penalty

Appearing to be nothing more than an extremely oversized, flawlessly white scarf-sheet with bronze threads shot throughout, the Excessive Scarf is actually tough armor, seeming to flow in the path of incoming attacks with a combination of unerring smoothness and sheer chance, as if blown about by some unseen wind.

No longer worn. Whereabouts unknown.

Snow Monkey's Marvelous Raiment (Wyld Artifact Silken Armor clothes) [Artifact ●●●]
5 Lethal and 3 Bashing soak, does not count as armor, 6-mote commitment


  • Immaculate Monkey Attire: Never gets dirty, soiled, smelly or so on.

Semi-melded into Mela's Gossamer Prison

Snow Owl and Jet Serpent (Wyld Artifact Serpent Sting Staff) [Artifact ●●●]
Speed +5, Accuracy +2, Damage +6L, Defense +5, Rate 4, 5-mote commitment


  • Far-Reaching Twin Hunter's Desire: Maximum attack range of 10 feet
  • Wise Owl's Facilitation of the Somewhat Possible: +1 to Style dice usage in Creation and the Bordermarches
  • Thrashing Serpent Dueling Hungry Owl: Incredibly flexible, and cannot be broken save through extreme, sudden force or a botched parry or attack against a Magical Material or gossamer artifact weapon. Nonetheless reforms in five days with application of 1 gossamer per day of recovery
  • Clever Serpent's Disappearing Trick: Collapses to 1' rod when not in use, expands to 5' rod when readied for combat

Owl and Serpent takes the shape of what appears to be a pair of thin lacquered staffs twisted together, one jet black while the other is as white as fresh-fallen snow. On one end of the dual staff, connected to the white shaft, is a brass stylized owl's head, while a matching brass viper's head rests on the opposite end, attached to the black shaft. Both heads occasionally issue forth soft sounds fitting their appearance, and practically screech and hiss when they lash out at the Child's enemies.

Semi-melded into Mela's Gossamer Prison

Cyst Binder [Artifact ●]
1-mote commitment, fits on dominant arm and holds any Cyst placed within a special compartment fast
Ring-shaping Stats: Accuracy +1, Damage +4, Rate 2, Range 5, Max Perception 5


  • Boon of Evasion: +2 dice to dodging normal and shaping attacks when attuned and holding a Cyst

This item appears to be an elegant, masterfully-crafted array of gossamer strands that forms something resembling a bracer. All the strands come to a point in the middle, where a receptacle awaits a single Cyst. Once the Cyst is placed within, it is held tightly, and cannot be stolen by non-shaping means outside of slicing the raksha's arm off at the elbow.

In shaping combat, the strands unfurl to form a sort of bow-like launcher similar to a Curdling Dream Bow. It launches forth small bursts of Wyld-solidifying Essence, fueled by either the Cyst within it or with a point of gossamer per scene.

Semi-melded into Mela's Gossamer Prison

Expanded Backgrounds

Artifact ●●●

Mostly gained through dealings with other Fair Folk, and in exchange for good info from Creation, her various handful of posessions are things that she cherishes... even if she doesn't actually maintain half of them at the present time. Most prized is Owl and Serpent, a weapon she plans to make very good use of in the future.
  • Snow Monkey's Magnificent Raiment [Wyld Artifact ●●● - 'Armor']
  • Snow Owl and Jet Serpent [Wyld Artifact ●●● - Weapon]
  • Cyst Binder [Wyld Artifact ● - Accessory]

Birth ●●

While there was a considerable amount of fodder for her to generate from, she didn't turn out quite as grand as most raksha would, given the situation. She's nonetheless made the best of things. She isn't dead yet, after all.
  • Assumption of Elemental Shape (Air)
  • Banquet of Crumbs
  • Ravishing the Created Form

Freehold ●●●

The Chapel of Liar's Ice is a relatively small Freehold, but nonetheless holds a fair number of Commoner workers and servants, along with room enough for whichever nobles are in the area (and are probably using the Freehold as a place to lie low, as it is unofficially a place of refuge from the Jet Court). Everything is made from ice... well, it seems like ice. Everything, even the silks atop the guest's beds, is made from what seems to be ice that adopts the properties of the material normally used for the object (sheets flow, oak doors have visible grains, and so on); said 'ice' adjusts to suit the temperature of whoever is nearby it, even if multiple people are in the same room. The wonders of the Wyld never cease. The bonefire is set with a bowl of diamond-like ice, in the midst of what serves as the Chapel's meeting hall.
A bit of dumb luck and a very hands-off alliance with none other than Festival of Hearts, her 'father' (most definitely not an ally, after they split the Freehold's Cyst between themselves and swore to "not meddle in the other's affairs from this day forward") has made the Child the co-head of the Chapel, which is quite close to the edge of Creation and somewhat east of the Jet Court's present location. The lesser raksha in its surrounding waypoints...
  • Rating ●●●●● Freehold; two 1-dot Cysts (one with Days, one with Festival)

Gossamer ●●●●●

... have come across some areas ripe for gossamer-harvesting. Normally, this would lead to a bit of a brawl with local intemperate nobles paying tribute to the Jet Court, but there's more than enough to go around (and the Child believes that Princess Kyema may be slightly interested in her talents), so tensions are at a minimum.
  • Snow Monkey's Excessive Scarf [Gossamer ●●●●]

Style ●●

While her Birth was nothing too spectacular, she is amazingly sure of herself, and that swagger is plain to see even within the barren wastes of Creation. She is more than willing to 'steal the show' from others if she feels she has to.
  • 10-die Style Pool


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