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Commit Notes

Base Motepool: 50 motes

Deepening the Hungry Well: 1g for 5m, max 4g for 20m
All-Consuming God-Monster Stance: 10m 1wp 0g for +2 effective Ess (adds 20m)

Important Commits

Assumption of Elemental Shape (Air): 10m 3g

Other Commits

Sovereign: 1g
World-Angering: 1g
Bastion (Sword): 10m 1wp 4g
Heaven Rains Wisdom: 1g
Unsightly Rigor: 5m 0g per scene
Ox-Body: 1g
Defining: 5m 1wp 1g
Blights: 10m 4g
Afflictions: 4m 2g

Raksha Charms

-Assumption of Elemental Shape (Air)
No ill effect from cold, perfect movement on ice and snow. [Story, Passive]
-World-Angering Elemental Mastery (Air)
5m to inflict (Essence)-die penalty on witnessed act, fitting element. Ability, not Charm. [Story, Active]
-Sovereign Elemental Shape (Air)
1m for 1-die wyld bonus to witnessed act, fitting element. Ability, not Charm. [Story, Active]
-Mad God Mien and Fiend of the Marches
+2g to Assumption, +1 diff to Charms that twist and reshape the raksha's body, raksha considered an automaton (immune to most direct mental effects) and out of Fate, and creature of darkness/enemy of Creation. Irrevocable outside of Incarna interference. [Story, Passive (linked to Assumption)]
-Bastion of the Self(Sword)
Immune to mundane, Charm/stuntless attacks and Sword shaping. Otherwise, +2 diff to action. [Story, Passive]
-Heart-Stealing Kiss
Requires successful touch or attack. Ravishing the Created Form, but steals 2m per virtue or WP. Glamour, Virtue + Essence vs. Willpower, cannot drain past Great Curse limits. Dots reform 1 per day. [Instant, Reflexive]
-Deepening the Hungry Well
(Purchases x 5)-mote pool that can be filled only via feeding.
-Heaven Rains Wisdon
Automatic +1 sux to all Lore and Occult rolls regarding Creation. Also negates usual Raksha penalty in such matters.
-Unsightly Rigor Approach
Conviction + Medicine as Cap-shaping, each sux adds 1 dot to a Virtue or Grace. Cannot add more than Essence to any one Virtue or Grace with any combo of Charms.
-Ox-Body Technique
Adds one -1 and one -2 HL.
-God-Monster Body
Effective +2 Essence (+20 mote maximum), +(Essence x 2) to shaping soak, +(Essence) to natural Lethal and Bashing Soak, usable in Creation, unaffected by Bedlam while in God-Monster Form, Effective +3 Valor, +2 dice to all shaping rolls.
-Defining the Parameters of Battle
Spend 1g to parry any attack with full Dex + Melee + 6sux, even unblockables. Glamour, Wits + Ess vs. Stamina. Ability, not Charm. [Story, Active]
-Blight Mutation (Giant)
Increases Str and Sta by 3, adds one -0, two -1 and four -2 HLs.
-Blight Mutation (Tough)
+1 Str and Sta, gives Lethal Soak with full Stamina, and three -1 HLs.
-Affliction Mutation (Inexhaustible)
No Fatigue tests, adds Sta to runspeed.

Martial Arts Charms